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Kermit I have no doubt of your extreme skills in seamanship, I have read many a post of yours that you clearly tell us so. Your ability to PUSH, NUDGE, RAM without exerting any force on the bow of your craft is not in doubt. My warning was to those less experienced that may be there trying to copy your skill level that the 65 has a history of weakness in the bow. To see their craft slowly sinking after a miss judgement of a PUSH, NUDGE, RAM would be devastating for them. My comment to Uncle G was just a suggestion that if this unfortunate circumstance occurred while he was being maliciously attacked he could put his salvage hat on and help them out. At a cost of course, should not be too hard to negotiate a price with the skipper watching their craft sink. To see a 65 going faster backwards than forwards was a high light of the video but Uncle G will have to remember when salvaging the idea is to get it to shore in on piece.