RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Playing With Boats in the Canal, 20th Mar, 2021

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      Another near perfect day for playing in the canal, except for the low tide, weed and no wind.

      I felt a bit like a punching bag today, The “Bloaters” were picking on me but don’t worry I will get my revenge!


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      It was a pleasant day at the jetty with gentle breeze and the 10 Rater shone after some sail tuning. But then the blue intruder turned up and shenanegins occured as the ducks scattered. Here from my mavic mini drone:



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        Couldn’t have been me, my boat is white.

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          Hoppy ol son  that is a fantastic video ‘ brilliant ” an you got UNCLE G   proving his attack was unprovoked

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          WHY deny  UNCLE G  what the videos show ….guilt  perhaps

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        Plenty of action @ the canal today, well captured Hoppy.

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        Nice to see you got the 10R sailing well again.  No worrying about wind conditions now eh?

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          she is a beautiful big mother   but no name as yet  emmm  what about    BIGGEST   DUCKEST  ……..  ok then you try

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      WE WERE fortunate not to have had MR MOOSE OR PREATOR  sailing with us today for they would have been shocked  by an act of infamy perpetrated by  no less than a fellow flyer and sailor  The act in question was delivered  by deception  then it unfolded to the act itself  So deceived were we that it took us a while to act in response  but to protect the fleet was our first choice but then Cap’t Pete was heroic in his aggressive manoeuvres to quell this villain and send him on his way   “well done captain “

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        I just don’t know, let you blokes out just once without adult supervision and it’s anarchy all round.

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      yeah  well we didn’t start it   but we sure finished it

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        My video clearly shows who started it, and listening to the voices in yours’s and my video, we all know what really happened.

        Today was just a warning, I have made a few tweaks to the frog catcher, so look out!


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      well howdido already UNCLE G is threating us   an he was such a nice fella

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      Uncle G another fine upstanding individual who is also after that slimey green thing

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      WELL we all now know who’s SIDE OF THE FENCE MR MOOSE IS ON DONT WE  from a staunch supporter of the young sailor floater group  to now the wheel chair mob  is it an attempt to favour a possible move  for our ageing sailor? if so we the floaters  will take up a collection for his first wheel chair

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      Uncle G, amusing that a DF65 skipper would ram anything given that the bow has a historic weakness. You may be able to charge salvage by adding a few hooks to the tow line and trawling for them as they sink to the bottom.

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        Tugboat, I like that idea, might be on version 2?

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        Well tugboat my attempt to prevent damage to the big boat and others  by bumping UNCLE G  away from them was nor ramming but a gentle push   (several times   ) IT was only by brilliant seamanship that I escaped  serious damage by UNCLE G’s   unprovoked attack on our fleet  sooo please restrain from advising this skipper   (an I use that term lightly ) into more actions of evil  ta

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      Kermit I have no doubt of your extreme skills in seamanship, I have read many a post of yours that you clearly tell us so. Your ability to PUSH, NUDGE, RAM without exerting any force on the bow of your craft is not in doubt. My warning was to those less experienced that may be there trying to copy your skill level that the 65 has a history of weakness in the bow. To see their craft slowly sinking after a miss judgement of a PUSH, NUDGE, RAM would be devastating for them. My comment to Uncle G was just a suggestion that if this unfortunate circumstance occurred while he was being maliciously attacked he could put his salvage hat on and help them out. At a cost of course, should not be too hard to negotiate a price with the skipper watching their craft sink. To see a 65 going faster backwards than forwards was a high light of the video but Uncle G will have to remember when salvaging the idea is to get it to shore in on piece.

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      Well said Tugboat, I totally agree with you, except for the last few words about getting it to shore in one piece.

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      Becareful Uncle G, if you were playing with Shunbos have all the fun you like but these plastics are a bit fragile. But then again if they strike the first PUSH, NUDGE, RAM then may the best craft be afloat at the end of the day.

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