RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Magnificent flying at the field 23rd March 2021 Reply To: Magnificent flying at the field 23rd March 2021


YEA I know you know  how this works  but in this case UNCLE G did with intent try to run over me in the first instant  then on his return he once again attempted to sink/tow me back to the wheel chair mob  I think this all stems from our flying where as a former top gun student   he cannot accept that the TOP GUN CFI  is a better flyer than he and perhaps a better sailor as well ( no brag just fact ) but I do conceive that the wheel chair mob have in the past perhaps received a little inaccurate reporting  for that CAPT PETE  apologises and in the future he will be held accountable   Now as a consilitery measure  if UNCLE G  apologizes for his actions on this site we will hold no grudges  an he can sail up to us in safety  CAPT PETE  pledges this  so lets wait for the yacht killer to reply     WE the floaters have extended the olive branch   “will he put it under his whipper snipper ”     Regards kermit la frog