RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Magnificent flying at the field 23rd March 2021


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      The magnificent seven turned up today being Ian, Moose, Mike, Gerald, Kermit, Andrew and myself. A bit of wind especially at 400 feet and the cloud was that low to start with.


      Here is me Lepetit footage and the pilots helmet is so heavy his head moves around:


      Here is brief ASW28 footage with much edited out as flying in circles in bumpy air (trying to thermal):



      Here is my AXN hooning:



      And the Drifter up at near 400 feet as low cloud:




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      I may have another video or two to add later once I sort through them.

      This is from the first flight this morning with my MDM-1 Fox self-powered glider.

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      Here is my video from today,

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      There is nothing for the Moose to say accept Well done .

      But I await the brilliance of Kermit before I make  further comment

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      Uncle G was true to form by taking out my yellow Tigermoth then Kermit and ours communal awning and nearly took out the Foxy glider.

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        SEE I TOLD you all about THE NEW UNCLE G   didnt I  there is no end for this yacht killer …..planes awing’s people  HOW DO YOU TURN OFF   this fella

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          Ooooooh no, here we go again?

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        Nice shots of the good side of the bay there Kermit.

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          arhhh ha  SO NOW YOUR TRYING TO be nice  first you try to sink me widdle  defenceless yacht  than you try to rip the car awning apart  with you huge  aircraft an at the field you wouldn’t talk to me  on camera about your behaviour   soo why are you being nice  what have you instore for me       ( I thing I’m becoming paranoid  )

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          DEAR ship killer  if your side is   ” the good side  ” then mine is the paradise side  ….yep that would be right

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      An Academy award presentation my dear friend Kermit.   Bet your jealous Uncle G

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      YOUR TO GENEROUS MR MOOSE   but to be fair accurate  for it is a superb presentation brilliantly filmed  masterfully edited  and presented with  ….whats the word   ohhh yea      CLASS    but lets not take to much glory for my fantastic video      there’s what’s his name  finishes with G  his small insignificant effort  ( HA  ) deserves a few words    ok done    moving on  good try fellow video people  not quite up to my standard but  worth a look  a word of advice ……. keep trying   Regards KERMIT LA FROG  AN ACADEMY AWARD WINNER

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        All you need is your super new video camera (with NO soft focus) and you WILL be up to scratch with the rest of us in no time flat.

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      Attack of the bumble bee, Uncle G will have a smile on his face.

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        Yeah, no more soft focus?

        Friday’s looking OK to try it out.

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        Well, no excuses now, we will expect to see many quality productions from Kamp Kermit in the future, flying & boating.

        Hoppy was going to put up a calendar entry for Friday so lets hope this weather has all blown over by then.

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      DEAREST UNCLE G  I will soon be as good as you two  because we will be on even terms don’t ya recon  it will take a few videos to familiarize myself but looking forward to making good videos  at last  ay

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      look forward to the videos Kermit, what camera did you buy?

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        First of all TUGBOAT  sir  No more advice on   “how to” make a better frog trap  to the ship killer ok  Now then to answer your question  I had a try of PREDATORS CAMERA  (because mine was and is playing up  )  some time back,  and it was great but when flying  it was extremely hard to find the aircraft both through the  view finger and the screen  much later on A THEN  super nice fella UNCLE G  gave me his camera to try  although still hard to use the view finder the screen offered a better view  MY camera has a pop up target fixture that allows me to almost instantly find the target if you keep the cross hairs on the aircraft you will always have it on video so I intend to make a similar device on the hot shoe  on this new camera  first with aluminium   as a test then  get predator to make it in 3d  ( if it works ) I did a similar thing with a camera that MR MOOOSE GAVE ME  and it worked  unfortunately that camera didn’t film in 4 k so the video wasn’t acceptable as a tube  video in my mind so I got the name sony FDR-AX53 4K HANDYCAM  from my cobber an mate    (you know him as the yacht killer )  “before he had the mid life crisis” and had to wait near two months for it arrive  In the waiting period  I found a pistol grip you screw on the base of the camera with the electronics to operate the cameras   functions   Today I’m going to office works to get the SD CARD 125 sandisk extreme    So now you know ALL  about the new bewt video camera  an just to clear the air “as it were” ….uncle g is one of my best mates and always will be as I’m sure you realise  were just stirring  as we do    Regards  TUGBOAT     god I hope the ship killer doesnt read this  narh he wouldn’t  he only reads pictures

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      Kermit, I understand the tongue in cheek posts that tend to frequent this site although some you have to wonder about, I hope you understand my replies are of a similar nature to them. I think you are a bit harsh on the mob up the canal which reflects badly on their carers, they do their best. Nice camera, look forward to your future videos. Re the hooks, I was merely pointing out to Uncle G a business opportunity that could be a money earner if others without your skill try to emulate your greatness in attacking his boat.

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        YEA I know you know  how this works  but in this case UNCLE G did with intent try to run over me in the first instant  then on his return he once again attempted to sink/tow me back to the wheel chair mob  I think this all stems from our flying where as a former top gun student   he cannot accept that the TOP GUN CFI  is a better flyer than he and perhaps a better sailor as well ( no brag just fact ) but I do conceive that the wheel chair mob have in the past perhaps received a little inaccurate reporting  for that CAPT PETE  apologises and in the future he will be held accountable   Now as a consilitery measure  if UNCLE G  apologizes for his actions on this site we will hold no grudges  an he can sail up to us in safety  CAPT PETE  pledges this  so lets wait for the yacht killer to reply     WE the floaters have extended the olive branch   “will he put it under his whipper snipper ”     Regards kermit la frog

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      Me a stirrer, surely not. Well maybe a occasional mild one, but very novice attempts. I read all this site and are slowly taking notes from the leader of the pack La Frog. May be one day I can just get a pass mark. With my correspondence with Uncle G I found him to be most helpful and willing to share his experience. There must be more of a back story to this saga. First report from today suggests a peaceful day for all. My suggestion of hooks was purely for Uncle G to assist in the salvage of the 65’s that have the bow fall off after attacking him.

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      Before we leave this particular site /forum  dear Mr Tugboat Sir,  I am not by any stretch of the imagination  a leader   well may be…….. I do lead my dog on a leash sometimes  other than that  no way  if I were to be placed with a title  it could be a wee tad of a stirrer   but not in the class of your self  because my informants suggest that your the best in the country  So no more   “just an occasional mild one ” please ”   you sir are like my top gun flight school motto  THE BEST OF THE BEST  so feel free to jump right in  an stir  ( with gusto )  Regards kermit la frog


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      Mu humble apologies Kermit, I have been misreading the posts since I came across to this site.

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