RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A day with ups and downs at the field Reply To: A day with ups and downs at the field


EMMMMM …..IF A THEME  SONG   was incorporated into the flight line gang  that would have to be ANOTHER BITES THE DUST   by uncle g  opps sorry I used him as the example   which is quite unfair I would have deleted that remark but I don’t know how to use the delete button  The fur coat did another outstanding job at predicting the weather  thus saving himself from being the main coarse on the BBQ ….SAD to say FRED the brother of ralph the EAGLE  removed my aircraft from his space  by attacking it and depositing it to the earth  watched by the flight line gang  in horror  some gave up and went home but  three of us remained in defiance to him and had several more flights  with only one more incident as FRED  swooped and caught the black angel and took it to a near by tree  with out destroying it  strange but true   WE had the pleasure of the company of BIG BAD DAVE  watching  us flying but not having a go himself  as he was a tad nervous about FRED  he has almost signed up to learn to fly with the famous TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  as usual a discount is given to all  gentlemen over the age of 90 if accompanied with a note from their mum  looking forward to teaching this promising new boy. Our own Mr hoppy has returned from over seas to once again grace the sky with his fantastic flying  kills  opps that’s skills  only to lose his putt putt  for 3 hours they searched  and only by Fred circling  over the kill site did they find it  Our resident Royalty  RON  was not in attendance today and was missed  I think   anyway SEA SIDE MITCH  was also absent  again I think he was missed to … Bad angel was in fine  performance  with  some outstand crawling to the president today and his flying was to the same standard  narh just kiddin   I think he flew   OUR president for life  FLEW HIS PUTT PUTT with outlandish skill and superb judgement  it was a true joy to watch this brilliant airman fly and for the flight line members to acknowledge  that they were in the presence of a sky god   OUR thanks must go to the flight line techno  guru MR predator for the  constant use of his skill for today he was needed badly ……… so ended another top day    2ic PRESIDENT KERMIT LA FROG      ……………just sayin