RC BOATING YACHTING Builds Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild Reply To: Predators Mount Gay 30 rebuild


With another chilly day outside a fair bit got done to the Mt Gay 30 today.

The rudder has been fibreglassed, ready to sand & paint tomorrow.

Most of the stanchions have now been cleaned up and temporarily fitted today, this involved re drilling all the deck holes (well cleaning them with the Dremel with a router bit)  as the new deck mounting timber inside the hull was now part way under each of the holes. Anyway, all fitted now with just 2 more holes required in the new deck timbers at the stern.

The safety rail holes all needed drilling out in the stanchions and most of the paint has now been cleaned off. Should be ready to re spray tomorrow morning.

Also most of the electronics have been reinstalled as well as the under deck sheet tubes.

Even the Badger II name is back on the stern. Lettering is not quite the same as original but close enough.