RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Super Chipmunk Reply To: Super Chipmunk


The Super Chipmunk is finished & ready to fly.

The Motor is a Turnigy Aerodrive C4260-500

and the ESC is an 80A Flyermate capable of using 2S to 7S LiPos

Some online info suggests the plane needs a 5S or even a 6S LiPo but other posts suggest a 4S is fine.

The plane has a purpose build battery hole in the underside and given that a 4S 4000mAh (ex Grand Tundra) is a perfect fit and gives a near perfect COG that is what I’ll try.


The motor has been lubricated & all fixings locktite’d, the wiring tidied up with XT60 plugs instead of the old Deans connectors and a new receiver & Hobby Eagle A3-V2 stabiliser installed & programmed.

Hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday will be good to fly so won’t need to wait long to try it out.