RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Super Chipmunk

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      This was my other birthday present, this time from Kermit. Thanks my little green friend.

      It’s all built so just need to check everything over & sort out the electrics and it should be good to go.

      The Super Chipmunk is quite a large plane with a fibreglass fuselage & built up wings.

      Wingspan 1600mm

      Fuselage 1250mm

      Not sure what the motor & ESC are but it’s spinning a 14 x 7 prop.

      All servo’s are standard (full size) variety.

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      very nice Mike

      Looks a rapid little beast

      waiting for parts is a bummer

      i am watching next Wednesday for a fly


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      I had 2 flights in Chipmunks when 16 as an air cadet. Its the best handling plane ever; turned on rails. I would love to have a model Chipmunk (not Super Chipmunk).

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      The Super Chipmunk is finished & ready to fly.

      The Motor is a Turnigy Aerodrive C4260-500

      and the ESC is an 80A Flyermate capable of using 2S to 7S LiPos

      Some online info suggests the plane needs a 5S or even a 6S LiPo but other posts suggest a 4S is fine.

      The plane has a purpose build battery hole in the underside and given that a 4S 4000mAh (ex Grand Tundra) is a perfect fit and gives a near perfect COG that is what I’ll try.


      The motor has been lubricated & all fixings locktite’d, the wiring tidied up with XT60 plugs instead of the old Deans connectors and a new receiver & Hobby Eagle A3-V2 stabiliser installed & programmed.

      Hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday will be good to fly so won’t need to wait long to try it out.

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      Looking Great

      How did you find the engine mount I have Order the one

      wednesday looking the better

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        Moose, one thing I found online was that large slow powerful motors really need metal engine mounts. Prolonged running generates significant heat & timber or plastic mounts tend to fail when they get hot.

        The Chipmunk has a full metal mount all the way from the firewall to the motor. One section bolts to the firewall and the front section that holds the motor is adjustable via 4 bolts (two each side) so the up/down and left/right angle of the motor is easily adjustable.

        If you cant find one on line then I’m sure one could easily be made with some aluminium plate.

        Here is a link to one similar to the Chipmunk, for the price its not worth making one.

        This one is by far the cheapest (from AliExpress) but eBay & Banggood also stock them, just a lot dearer.


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      Thanks Mike

      I was just curious To see what you thought about them Mine should arrive on Wednesday I ordered it about 3 weeks ago

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      Well the first flight of the Super Chipmunk did not go as well as it should. The plane was way underpowered with the 14 x 7 prop only pulling 320W @ 20A.

      I have replaced it with the 17 x 8 prop from the Grand Tundra and it is now pulling 640W @ 44A so that may well be enough.  Both the Motor & ESC are overrated with the online info suggesting a 400kV motor & 60A esc are all that is needed.

      No doubt next flying day will see.

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