RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A “Light On” fly in @ The Field Reply To: A “Light On” fly in @ The Field


RUMBLINGS    RUMBLINGS  you say A disgrace  is what it is  I PICKED uncle g as the GMA recipient straight away when I read the sweetness in their comminutions  the LOVE  coming from these two  is  well just darn right wrong  I guess then the fab two are back  certainly one is an the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD is no longer winnerable for true video participators  so how does the PREDATOR   feel about this his videos were perfect yet he doesnt get a look in because he wont pay the price its a good thing then that WE  the true video film makers  film for you the people that want to watch decent quality film PREDATOR an I will continue to do our honest filming for you and will not be swayed to the dark side like the fab two …… RAMBLINGS  No just dissappointed that the mud encrusted  prehistoric woolly fur coat has reverted back to his free lunches an cash for title