RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A “Light On” fly in @ The Field

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      It was a short notice Fly In @ the field today so pilots were a bit light on the ground with Chris (Hoppy) away boating for a few days, Stephen tied up with a Melbourne Cup “Do” & Kermit carrying out maintenance on his shack.

      Ross (Bad Angel) was supposed to be there but was a no show so that only left Moose, Uncle G, IanRM & yours truly to enjoy a near perfect (if at sometimes windy) day @ the Field.

      Moose was flying his Razor & the TrainStar Epoch, Uncle G finally maidened his AR Pro wing as well as flying the Eyas Eagle & I had another (much better this time) attempt to maiden the Super Chipmunk as well as flying the “Li’l Eagle bipe & the Sky Shadow wing.

      IanRM ended up not flying today due to some minor issues with his Cessna Trainer but enjoyed his visit back to the field after being absent due to medical issues for several weeks. His return was made even more sweet when Uncle G gave him his Cessna Trainer (complete & almost ready to fly) for spare parts.  No doubt Ian will have one or both ready to fly by our next session.

      The Super Chipmunk flew well today and had plenty of power this time round after I replaced the 14 x 7 prop with a 17 x 8. Double the current (at WOT) & double the power so she flew in the wind @ less than half throttle most of the time. Unfortunately, on the bumpy field the RHS landing gear came loose on landing after the first flight so that will need to be rectified before the next one.


      We had our customary BBQ lunch while waiting to see if the wind was going to abate but it didn’t so the day finished early around 13:00.

      No doubt we will do it all again later in the week as Kermit is keen to try his float plane in the Flood Pond.

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      Another great day at the field.

      A special thanks to Moose for picking the weather, opening & closing the gates, picking up the sheep poop and showing us how to fly.

      First video from today,

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        Nice one Uncle G.

        Certainly was a beautiful day again.

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      Onboard the AR Wing Pro

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      So the prehistoric fur coat mammoth guessed the weather ok  looks like his sheep poop pickin up days are numbered   an he was sooo good at it too  Nice videos gentlemen and UNCLE G    as a non flyer today I appreciate the videos to see how the flight line gang performed  through this medium FAR better than the method we used before (sign language ) to which the MOOSE was an expert till he got parkinsonism   but the day looked fantastic  No bad angel ?  interesting    this just must have been a day for work to be completed so many away lets hope the woolly mammoth will guess another day for us all to get back to play time  well done flight line gang

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      Thankyou to those fine gentlemen who attend flying I really had a nice day company was grand

      No fuss from the frog

      His family are totally out of control the noise they were making  in the pond was a disgrace.  Mr Kermit could you please control your family or you may face suspension My friends have spoken yes the president  was in attendance

      Now for the serious stuff this weeks G.M.A winner is  Yes you guessed it——- The One And Only

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        Thank you Mr. Moose!

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          MY FAMILY IN THE POND WERE YELLING OUT at the blatant corruption going on from the fur coat

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      Its my pleasure uncle g to be associated with a fine fellow such as yourself

      What’s that noise I hear in the background is it?? yes its frog rumblings

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      RUMBLINGS    RUMBLINGS  you say A disgrace  is what it is  I PICKED uncle g as the GMA recipient straight away when I read the sweetness in their comminutions  the LOVE  coming from these two  is  well just darn right wrong  I guess then the fab two are back  certainly one is an the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD is no longer winnerable for true video participators  so how does the PREDATOR   feel about this his videos were perfect yet he doesnt get a look in because he wont pay the price its a good thing then that WE  the true video film makers  film for you the people that want to watch decent quality film PREDATOR an I will continue to do our honest filming for you and will not be swayed to the dark side like the fab two …… RAMBLINGS  No just dissappointed that the mud encrusted  prehistoric woolly fur coat has reverted back to his free lunches an cash for title

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        Kermit, we did miss you at the field. We had no crashes, hard landings or wings falling off to film. and you missed out on Moose showing us all how to land a plane correctly. The Top Gun Flight School could be in trouble with this great flying ace taking over.

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      My dear friend UNCLE G   you have aquired the GMA  there is no need to espouse the vitues or lack of  of MR MOOSE to us  you won  lets leave it at that  …TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  in trouble one word . HA

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      Got around to repairing the RHS undercarriage on the Super Chipmunk today.

      It turned out that the anchor block in the RHS wing has come unglued (I wondered what was rattling around inside the wing when I first got it from my friendly little frog Kermit!!).

      Sounds like there may also something rattling around in the LHS wing as well.

      Given the end of the wheel strut had no anchor block it only took a very light bump to fold the wheel back and cause the nose over on landing, & I thought I was going well on the landing approach & wondered why a relatively light landing caused the failure . Now I know.

      Needed to cut a hole through the Balsa wing covering to access the inside and glue the anchor block back in place.

      I’ve fitted a temporary patch to the wing until I see if it works OK, if not then I’ll remove the balsa cover sheet completely from around the undercarriage & rebuild the landing gear mounting inside both wings then recover it all.

      Till then I think it should be OK to test fly again on Friday (or whenever we next go).

      Other than the landing gear issue she flew very nicely (once I dialled the throws back a bit).

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      brilliant work not only the best film maker but an excellent fixer upper

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