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I should have known  it was the sailing video not the flying video that  the fur coat had promised to give to UNCLE G   silly me an here I thought the mammoth had turned into a nice MOOSE  now to be fair the video from the wheel chair mob leader did in fact have a faint bit of promise  when he included wildlife  that was the only bit of class this GMA winner had in his video so there is still hope, by watching my video’s he may learn the art of film making In the past he has  never ever added wild life but in this effort  he has  descent content so there is hope he may get better at this game  IF he can brake away from the standard the fur coat has imposed I.E . cash for GMA  ( and lunch ) UNCLE G ….top gun flight school is holding another video class for beginners  you really need to sign up  ………………………just say’n