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      A nice warm day for sailing our boats in the canal today. A very good turn out from the Marine Modellers, but not so for the “Bloaters” up at the jetty.

      There was quite a bit of floating weed in the canal today, but that didn’t worry the scale boats one bit, but as you can see in my video a helpless green 65 drifting along heading for the bank.

      I thought I would get some video of the yachts, but as soon as I got near the jetty I was needlessly and deliberately rammed by that same green yacht!

      But being the nice person I am, instead of going after him and giving him some of the same, I quietly went back down to the other end with the young gentlemen boaters and continued as usual.

      The skipper of the green boat didn’t show at the barbecue either? Scared? Guilty? Ashamed?

      Here is my video from today,

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      The G.M.A for boating goes to :

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        Thanks Mr. Moose, I was waiting for Kermit’s video???

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      You already know it will have to many ducks and to much water in it

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        As always you were right Mr. Moose!

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      First of all my apologies to the honourable UNCLE G  FOR  the bumping into his camera boat That was caused by the weed around the rudder of my yacht nothing I could do  sorry   now then  we the floaters were down on members today only 5 of us sailed  the rest were  crook in one way or another  I know the moose has foot and mouth disease an on going problem the rest booze problems I’m told  an the team playing today had no BBQ tucka an I for sure wasnt going up to the wheel chair mob only to listen to them complaining about the cost of ball brearings for their wheel chairs……. sure was a lot of weed around today ……just say’n


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      I should have known  it was the sailing video not the flying video that  the fur coat had promised to give to UNCLE G   silly me an here I thought the mammoth had turned into a nice MOOSE  now to be fair the video from the wheel chair mob leader did in fact have a faint bit of promise  when he included wildlife  that was the only bit of class this GMA winner had in his video so there is still hope, by watching my video’s he may learn the art of film making In the past he has  never ever added wild life but in this effort  he has  descent content so there is hope he may get better at this game  IF he can brake away from the standard the fur coat has imposed I.E . cash for GMA  ( and lunch ) UNCLE G ….top gun flight school is holding another video class for beginners  you really need to sign up  ………………………just say’n

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        At least I had my camera on the correct settings!

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        Personally I reckon you should have won Kermit, just for capturing the jumping fish, perfect timinh!!

        Maybe you should have highlighted it with a bit of your infamous “Slo Mo”. It may have been too quick for the Moose to spot?

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      Dear boy if you dont experiment  then you will never achieve at TGFS  we experiment  that is why our videos are perfect ……just say’n

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      WELL MR PREDATOR SIR  Firstly  there was no way I was gunna win the boating GMA  that was prearranged when we were flying the other day as for the fish jumping twice that section was slo mo’d  NOOO the fur coat has an agenda you pay an you win   someone has to clean his hoofs  thats what the fab two do  as well as take him out to lunch when they win   but one day if the vet puts him down  honesty will return an the fab two will be a memory erased

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      I don’t like cheating

      If you study the film carefully you can see the shadow of someone throwing a dummy fish into the canal

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        OK OK WHICH one told the fur coat  was it Dave  he tossed the fish in   bet it was him   After we all promised not to say anything  THE MOOSE knew   so much for loyalty

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