WE SAILED IN FINE WEATHER  with No MR Moose we had a great number of sailors turn up (20 ) still havent seen our RON from RONS REEF fame   but another favourate BIG BAD DAVE arrived  looking quite cool A STINT in hospital did him well  The wheel chair mob were very light on  with only about 2  on site Im told  the wheel chair bus had a flat tyre  so they were all allowed back into their beds   No weed in the canal so no smoking  happened  so it was a jolly sail we all had UNCLE G toddled over to bodge a smoke but as the canal was dry he soon left  No BBQ today as most left about 11ish  BAD ANGEL  arrived at 12 sailed for awhile then he also toddled off  with no more joggers around I retired from the canal also AN THAT WAS OUR DAY