RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Gliders 2017 – The Year of the BIG Gliders

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      Well at long last I got my Glider order sorted out and as of yesterday it is in the post and on the way. 8)

      Time for all you RC Glider owners out there to get your big toys out of mothballs, dust off the cobwebs and get into some gliding.

      Calverts is dry enough and waiting for some action.


      All finished & ready to soar


      Got to fly the “Gooney Bird” on Friday 24th. Need to do something about the CG as when balanced on the factory CG point she seems way too nose heavy and most of the level flying was done with a fair amount of up elevator but none the less the couple of flights at “The Farm” went well (see video)


      Finally sorted out a bug with the ESC, you need to download the ESC manual (not included in kit) and set maximum throttle via the radio BEFORE first use.  I think it was running at around 60% power MAX which was OK for flying but a bitch to launch without a light headwind to assist.

      Now with 100% power available she seems to launch just fine, just don’t be too heavy on the flaps as they act as brakes more efficiently than lift providers if you go much over 10 to 15% on take off.

      Also added a bit of up elevator with a dial on the radio to adjust in flight. This is easier than fiddling with the trim buttons.

      A little extra up elevator and a small amount of flaps seems to produce the best glide angle with the motor off. Need to back both off when adding power or she climbs rather rapidly.


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      Nine Eagles SkyClimber

      At long last I have managed to get a chance to maiden the rebuilt NineEagles Sky Climber at the Farm recently and it performed flawlessly  8) (see first flight in the video section).

      The only disappointing thing is that it glides better than my big ASW28  :(  just doesn’t look as good though.

      Now just need to hook up the FPV gear and it will be complete.  :)

      FPV transmitter & camera have been added since the last flight and also a bit of contrast colour scheme, red & black wing tips & tail plane and large double black stripes on the underside of the wings.

      The SkyClimber in action @ The Farm today – Low & Slow.




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