RC BOATING YACHTING Builds 3D Printed Yacht Stand


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      Here is a little project I have been working on for a while.
      A 3D printed yacht stand that will fit both the DF65 & 95 (and anything else that’s a similar size)
      Cheap to build, $5 for a length of conduit, around $10 worth of filament and a few S/S screws.
      All parts will fit on a small printer except for the keel board, but you can use a piece of plywood or plastic sheet for this.
      All the files are on thingiverse to download.





      Printed parts

      Printed Parts,
      All printed in PETG except for the feet and collars, which are printed in a flexible filament.
      Cradle, 2 off
      5mm Hinge Washers, 2 off
      Frame Hinge, 2 off
      Tube Washers, 6 off
      20mm Plug, 2 off
      20mm Plug Slotted, 2 off
      Catch, 1 off
      Drill Jig, 1 off
      Feet, 4 off
      Collar, 2 off
      Tee – right, 2 off
      Tee – left, 2 off
      Keel Support, 1 off

      20mm Electrical conduit.
      M5 X 50mm, S/S Pan Head Screws, 6 off
      M5 S/S Nylock Nuts, 6 off
      4G X 10mm S/S Self tapper screws.

      1. Cut conduit into the correct lengths.
      2 X 500mm, Long legs
      2 X 310mm, Short legs
      2 X 232mm, Cross braces for small frame
      1 X 285mm, Cross brace for large frame
      1 X 290mm, Handle
      2. Drill the 5mm holes in the long legs using the drill jig as these dimensions are critical.
      3. Bolt the long legs to the cradles using the M5 X 50mm screws.
      4. Assemble the small frame
      5. Use two M5 X 50 screws to join the two frames together with the printed 5mm hinge washers between.
      6. Slide the 20mm handle into the cradles with the catch with a collar on either side. (the collars are just to keep the brace in the centre of the stand).
      7. Screw the keel support to the long legs. 380mm from the top of the legs to the top of the support, using 4G Self Tappers, then fit bottom cross brace for the long legs.
      8. Put some padding on the cradle arms to protect the yacht.
      9. Push in the feet and conduit plugs.
      10. Go sailing!

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      BRILLIANT…….   I ALSO HAVE built a stand using local material   its fast to build  portable and does not use nuts and bolts   if I get enough requests for it  I will go into production……this is an environmental  sustainable  product        No 3D printer for this product  just good ol bamboo locally made  Comes with green string at no extra cost

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