RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ The Farm Flying @ the Farm 2019 3rd Flight @ The farm 2019

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      Drifter chasing Mike’s Bixler 2




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      Skipper flew for a while before ending up in a tree. Skip to last 20 seconds if you just want to see that:


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      And Navy Cub crash. Head tracker switch knocked so camera kept panning full left so hard to fly.


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      Hoppy, if you just copy & paste your Youtube links straight into the forum post rather than using the link icon above you will end up with live video shown rather than a clickable link.

      You can also edit (up to 24 hours-thanks to Kermit) and add more text and paste more links into the same post so you don’t need to start a new post (unless you want to) for each video.  This new site is much more flexible than the old one.

      Another 3 great videos from a very enjoyable Fly-In day @ The Farm.


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