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      PERFECT DAY FOR SAILING  with no end of wheel chair mobs members coming up to play with us I wonder what’s going on down there ?  scotty ( fruit loops )  bill  and the sinker all came to play  next week perhaps we will have them all oh dear ….  I sailed the hurricane for a while then the black 65  china sailed his 95 and captain  Pete  sailed my black 65 whilst I filmed  No weed so no one got high We were without our resident jogger watcher  (and chaser ) big bad Dave ( family business ) along with Georgie  PREDATOR  had a big move on an others didn’t post so dunn know where they were  they all missed a blessed day Our sailing was mucked up with 7 female bikini clad swimmers swimming past  ( quite annoying )  we had to stop sailing as they swam past  then they wanted to use our platform to get out of the water  but capt Pete  wouldn’t them ……. I think he’s a mooselim  so they swam back   I must have been cold because I was shaking  so didn’t film it  all in all a great sailing day

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      I will have to agree with Kermit, it was a fantastic day for sailing and for playing with boats.

      But it was a sorry sight at the jetty, just one lonely figure standing on the end for most of the morning. It was so bad that Scotty & Bill motored their boats up just to see if he was OK and to find out what he had done to scare off the other “Bloaters”? (He was later joined by Capt. Pete and Dave)

      Here is my video from the day taken from the “Cougar Cat”

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