RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ Taylor Field Flying @ Taylor Field 2016 A blast from the past

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      I was just going through some of the older flying videos and came across this Blast From The Past.

      At the time I was still learning to fly and my CFI Brendan was following me around with his hexacopter. Winds were around 25kph but as was normal @ Taylorfield – Elderslie, the winds although quite strong were very constant making slow gliding into the wind very easy.  Also makes it easy for the hex to keep up with the Bix 2.

      Ah, those were the days when it was all so new.

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      No trees, no dams, no fences, flat landing strip, where’s the challenge in that!

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      There were trees (that Chris was always flying around, through, over, under etc.), just that they were further up the hill, there were heaps of fences but the paddocks were much larger and the landing strip was flat for sure but very bumpy so ALL take-offs were hand launch (you learnt how to do it or stayed grounded) and it was generally very windy (but at least it was constant in speed and direction).

      And of course there were cows, lots of cows much like The Farm, and not to forget the model Helicopter flying field only a couple of paddocks over.

      Yes, an ideal place to learn to fly.

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      flying videos never age but questions arise like “did predator have hair then ”  ?  an at that time they had cameras on rc planes  like wow

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      Can’t answer the question about my hair as even then I couldn’t see the top of my head however way back then (2014) the onboard video was rather rudimentary and the actual video recording was all done on the Ground Station.

      That camera is still working and is currently the auto switch reversing camera on the Axial SCX10 Rock Crawler.

      I did manage to get the Bix 2 airborne on a couple of occasions with a GoPro 2 installed on a great big CF Pan Tilt (which I still have). Will try and find a pic or two & maybe an old GoPro video. This was one of our early attempts at in air recording rather than using the Ground Station.

      Things have changed a lot since, but even way back there I had Pan/Tilt control on the camera.

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