RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 A chilly day in Paradise

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      Without our Weather God Moose to control the elements today @ The Field the 5 that chose to fly had to contend with a rather chilly & sunless day for the most part. Winds were generally light but the temperature had trouble getting above 8 deg. Early in the afternoon we were treated to a burst of sun for a short while that at least made it feel warmer but by 2:30 it was getting cold again so we packed it in for the day.

      Everyone flew and all except Chris & Stephen had some minor issues, I had a motor mount come loose in the Bix 2 Sport (too much power) and the prop chewed up the fuselage a little bit, strangely Kermit had almost the same issue on his “Black Angel” Sky Surfer (Bixler 2 look-alike). His Phantom Quad steadfastly refused to arm today for some unknown reason & after a couple of successful flights with his Tundra a hard landing dislodged the motor (well the whole front end methinks). Gerald had his ZOHD Drift fall from the sky when he switched from stabilised to manual mode so that ended up minus a nose as well.  All of the above easily repairable.

      I had 2 long flights with the FMS MDM-1 Fox Glider, the first of around 15 minutes & the second around 25 minutes in the air for only 6 minutes of powered flight. The Fox does indeed glide well.

      Finally resolved the interference lines in the recordings on my RunCam 2 camera/DVR, after dismantling it a tiny amount of corrosion/crud was found shorting a couple of components (shouldn’t fly in rain & fog I guess).  Anyway it was quickly cleaned up and the recorded video seems fine today.

      Chris had a couple of FPV flights but was getting some interference on his feed today for some reason, maybe the cold & the low cloud?

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      Here is my cloud AXN going around trees at bottom of the hill. Video issues probably due to the mobile phone tower stopped me going around trees higher up the hill.


      And here is the Drifter:

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      I will blame the ZOHD Drift crash on Kermit’s eagle, couldn’t be anything to do with my programming skills?


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        Sounds about right, I saw the big black bugger up there today.

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      This video produced by toadhall productions will not have music due to respect I have for BAD ANGEL  so I have made the video 1 hour long  so he can enjoy the voices of the few who flew today with out him


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        Well bugger me there’s a slight chance you may pass your “L’s” if you keep this up…

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          Gee BA, don’t encourage him too much, it might all go to his head.

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      I’m pleased I couldn’t go too cold for me probably would have stayed home in the warm

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      Quality productions all round today.

      Not too bad for a cold & cloudy day.

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      This is great I no longer have to do video just fly..🏴‍☠️😎

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        Geez out of sight out of mind forgotten already and only for a couple of days for your information… I’m the extremely Bad Bad Angel not to be forgotten so easily cause I’m bad to the bbbbbb bone.. 😎

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      ouch…… is it to late to say sorry

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