RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A cold, cold Friday Fly In

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      As predicted today was cold & windy but that did not stop the three intrepid aviators Stephen, Gerald & Mike from enjoying the day.

      Stephen flew his “Red Devil”, well you probably couldn’t call the first flight flying & it turned out the ailerons had become unplugged. At least he managed to land it in one piece, effect repairs and then back to actual flying for the rest of the morning.

      Gerald was into aerobatics with his E-sky Eyas and enjoyed multiple flights without incident.

      I had a couple of aerobatic flights with my biplane E-sky Eyas “Li’l Eagle”. They really do like being thrown around on a windy day.

      Also had a couple of flights with the AR Wing and another nice long flight with the Excalibur V2.

      At Stephen’s suggestion we all landed around 11:30 to enjoy a warming cuppa, it was decided that the day was too cold & windy to enjoy the customary BBQ so we packed up and headed for warmer places a bit before midday.

      No hassles, no prangs & everyone went home with their planes looking the same as when they arrived but with multiple used up battery packs.

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      It was good to have a fly today, Couldn’t fault the ESky Eyas so still not sure what caused it to crash last week?

      No video from me today, having too much fun flying.

      But here is a video I came across of someone who definitely DID NOT  go to the “TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL” for float planes.

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        I could have sworn that was Kermit (or at least one of his Flight School trainees) flying that!, especially the take offs directly towards the crowd & the parked vehicles.

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          I thought it was Kermit as well, but this plane actually took off and landed on the water, so couldn’t have been him!

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      GENTLEMEN and uncle g   This float plane action is exactly what Top Gun Flight School does   (sea plane section )  So I see no need to explain the manoeuvres the aircraft  makes towards the people as this is covered in my training program,  if you wish to perform as my dear friend  in the video does these  “tricks” then you must pay for it

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      I was greatly impressed by the helicopter training module. ‘Tis the perfect skill set that all graduates of  Monsieur le Frog’s Top Gun Flight School should learn.🤔👍👏

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