RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A cool Wednesday fly


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      Moose picked another good day. Apart from being a bit cool it was hardly any wind and the air was super smooth. No thermals for my Fox glider but I did some aerobatics. My Eyas went around the trees at the end of the field. Moose had a prang due to Ralph, I dont think any other incidents. Here is my Eagles:



      And here is the Fox


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      Yes Hoppy, it was a tad cool but otherwise a nice day for another fly.

      Think I have the iNav system sorted out on the BumbleBee finally but I need to order some new LiPo batteries as some of mine date back to 2016 and have had hundreds of flights.

      I think this is what caused a brownout (and FC reset) today on the last flight of the BumbleBee. Luckily only a broken prop blade to replace & it will be good to go again.

      Had a flight with the E-flite Pulse XT25e today, first in a while but as always it performed flawlessly.


      The Eyas “Li’l Eagle” biplane also got a good workout today.

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      Nice couple of videos Hoppy.

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      My stuff:

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        The new “FPV Dashboard” is a massive improvement on the original one you used but perhaps it needs to be made just a tad smaller so as not to obscure the scenery.

        Looks great regardless.

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      well done flight line gang as always enjoyable videos  just looked at biggest d …us video ….nice   hasn’t lost his touch

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      Hey Ross

      Think you need to check your instruments they show you are turning when the plane is flying level whats going on ?

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      I think I might be able to assist here MR MOOSE  the instrument in question on this type of aircraft is the updated electronic anticipated flight controler  (EAFC)  this new type will   “as stated  “antisapate your next possiable manoeuver by your last imput thus doing that movement unless you over ride it which obviously biggigus  d…us  does ….. very advanced electronics  BIGGUS .D has done to his aircraft  hope that satisfies you  REGARDS  KERMIT LA FROG

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      Well said froggy yes you are right

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      Well the secret is out ….That is all.. BD’s

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        Now lets see you get real smart & synchronise the artificial horizon with the actual flight !!, shouldn’t take but a few hours & obviously you have plenty of time on your hands.

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          Nuh already thought of that BUT wouldn’t be a talking point

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          MR PREDATOR SIR With respect this device as stated previously is the much updated automated gyro which automatically  responds to input however there is a time lag  which you have to accept  but the pilots input is transferred to the aircraft  but with video that part comes some what later  what is important is the aircraft flys  you just have to accept the time lag

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      Mr moose don’t you dare to ask another question

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      Ok Kermit

      But he still has’nt answered my one and only question

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        dear boy  three words …….  video time lag

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      You’re right again Froggy poo poo bum 😁😆😅🤣😂

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      Nice little fly,,,,,,,BUT THEN………I had to go behind the couch to HIDE………SCARY!

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