RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A day of maidens and crashes at the field


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      10 turned out for the new flying site at the field. No grass needed cutting but my Frankenpitts had a crash and probably wont be repaired. Was underpowered and then spun in. My Franken Cessna flew OK though. Only one recording from me today from my Blade Torrent mini quad:


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      New name for Kermit’s Kitchen

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      FPV and HD video from my C1 Chaser Wing.

      I think I got the sync between the two video streams pretty close however, the last 10 seconds of the HD video from the Runcam 3 Nano is missing. Probably because I unplugged the battery before turning the camera off.  Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get the screen recorder working from the laptop and I’ll be able to add that video.


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        Nice one Ron, quite smooth for a wing & nice clear video.

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      My bit,

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      New field or not, it didn’t take you long to find the trees Hoppy !!

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      Another fine day for flying in Southern Tas.

      We have now relocated to the old MAAA flying field (at the request of the farmer) as it is no longer (or at least very rarely) used and they are re seeding both the paddocks we normally fly from.

      Everyone today was more than happy with the relocation and all enjoyed some very spirited flying with the occasional mishap.

      I started the day with the iNAV equipped BumbleBee and while it still needs some very minor tweaking I am very happy with the way its flying. The telemetry available on my Jumper T16 is a real bonus and the main reason I changed to iNAV, and of course the obligatory RTH function.

      Next it was time to maiden the 3 metre FMS Fox glider. First flight was only using 2x 3000mAh 3S 30C connected in series as the larger batteries had only arrived this morning and I needed to charge them first.  The 3ooo’s were fine and used around 1/3 of their capacity for the first flight of about 12 minutes.

      The next 2 flights were off the 4500mAh batteries (without recharging) and once again both flights together used around 1/3 of their capacity. This plane glides magnificently and even without thermals I reckon you could stay up for around an hour on full charge if mainly gliding & just using power to get height.

      Full Flaps are needed to slow the beast down for super gentle landings.  Overall very impressed but I expected to be after flying the Fox 2.32 metre glider for around 12 months.

      Flight 1

      Flight 2

      Flight 3

      Around the Field today


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      That looks very impressive Mike

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        arhhhhh great videos again  fantastic

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        Another quality video from the Toad Hall Productions camp Mr Kermit.

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      easy to film great pilots doing their thing    thank ya anyway

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      Is ya talkin bout tha fur coat Mr frog bet ya r

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      Of Couse I’m also talking about the fur coat ……………………………………………………………….not ……but keep trying we all hold out faith that one day you to can be classed as  one of us …………………not lookin good at the moment though  Quick question  did    UNCLE G    fly  I saw him there I  thought he was only there to cut the grass

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