RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A field fly on Saturday 20th Feb 2021


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      5 turned out today, Moose, Mike, Gerald, Scott and myself. The wind came and went and came again but was not too strong. The sun came out before lunchtime so we had a BBQ. I dont think there were any crashes today despite 2 eagles being spotted. Moose maidened his Ranger 1600 which flew perfectly and is a lot stronger than the Eagles for anyone looking for another plane, as the fuz is blown plastic. I replaced a motor tilt servo on my XK X450 VTOL so did a brief test fly first up:

      And with my Eagles I tilted the cam a bit more up and replaced the purple fur arm with a black sleeve per BA suggestion. For some reason 2 of the 4 clips were corrupted so need to format my SD card so no landing. I hit a pile of cow dung on the landing in any case.


      And here is the AXN including chasing the Ranger and Eagle for a while. This file was also corruped so couldnt edit it so uploaded as is to utube:


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      Yes is certainly was another beautiful day in Paradise. As for flying weather, almost perfect.

      Chris, did you recently update the firmware in your keychain camera?  I did mine a few days ago and you can no longer edit the video clips as soon as you make a cut the following video disappears. I reckon there is an issue with the latest update.  Today I changed from AVI to MOV format to see if that fixes it. Will try to edit shortly.


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      My Video from today

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        first time to look at the videos so what the hells going on  first the young fella from down the road scotty  does a great job filming then the moose does the mating dance after several absolute brillant flying and landings  hoppy with upside down stuff  predator as always unflappable an our own UNCLE G   uncle g taught god how to use his wings ………  say no more    has this been going on an i haven’t noticed or have you all been smoking weed from puddle duck

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      On behalf of the moose, where is the Corsair footage?

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        On the close of my video!

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      Yes Where is the Corsair

      For the first time in my life I am Speechless  ( what about that kermit )

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      SOOOO THE MOOSE HAS WINGS  an boy did you flap em    golly be gosh  outstanding flying  almost as good as me …almost

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      my Dear Mr Frog

      have you ever heard of a day dedicated to a Moose  well now you have

      I have never heard of frog day

      It leaves me honoured and very humble

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      Well no moose I haven’t  an Iv never seen a moose dance either …until now   ya still light on the hooves

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      Dear Toadie

      Did you see me chase away your pet eagle at about 3:45 into my AXN video?

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      YES I did and was wondering no one commented  you even gave him a chance to attack you    you being upside down   but I guess he knew he didn’t stand a chance  for once we or rather YOU defeated the evil one …no not bad angel  on that we will persevere till we do   well done Mr hoppy

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