RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 A fine day for sailing @ the canal

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      The breeze was a bit chilly but the sun (for most of the day) kept us warm enough to overcome it.

      Another nice turnout for a winters Saturday morning.

      Kermit had his A Glide out again so I took along my A as well.

      The rest sailed DF65’s or DF95’s apart from Stuart who had his usual swing rig RG65.

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      It was good to see our special (green) member of the Marine Modellers call in today!

      I must apologise, I got some amazing footage of the yachts today, but due to a technical problem with the GoPro I can’t publish it.

      (Some idiot pushed the record button twice)

      The view from the other end.


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        Oh well it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one to do such silly things.

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          That was soooo good PREDATOR , on the widdewoddie Im making there will be a position for a gopro  just forward of the mast or at the stern  not sure yet

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      YEA pred but in the sinkers place its an old age thing …….. poor ol dear

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        Yes Kermit, It’s definitely an old age thing.

        I can’t imagine what I will be like when I get as old as you!

        But it did save a lot of video editing.

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      NOW let me explain why I was at the wheel chairs spot BUT FIRST the reception I received when opening the car door was terrifying  not a wheel chair in site but there was in abundance walking frames and walking sticks an the dears  were waving them at me in a not to friendly manner  I have no idea why I like old fokes  after I bluffed my way in ,  and with eyes with daggers comeing from the ol folk  I quickly concluded my business an ran to my car  now heres the thing ol folk can move fast when they want to no sooner had reached  the car at least 7 were  grabbed my car one dear ol thing had the door open   I can only cnclude that they all missed their meds today………. look out the nurses at the marine modellers retirement village when this lot get back ………just say’n

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        You are always welcome down our end Kermit. We don’t care how old you are.

        But I wouldn’t have describe Scotty as a “dear ol thing” though.

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