RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A Fine Thursday Fly-In

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      Today was only around 12 degrees but there was no wind to speak of  and even better no rain.

      It was however very wet underfoot and we opted to move to another field with a gravel entry road rather than risk tearing up the entry & paddock & the shearing shed field.

      There was a fair turnup today with 6 in attendance & all keen for a fly after the last couple of weeks on almost continual rain.

      I forgot my HandiCam so had to use the phone to capture the float planes but hopefully I got some fair video from two flights with the TechPod (with GoPro9 onboard) and some from the BumbleBee with the Mobius Mini onboard.

      Kermit was busy with his HandiCam when not flying so no doubt he will have some good footage this week.

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      I didn’t know that they made a “RunCam 9” but looking forward to the footage!

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        I know not of what you speak ?

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      I thought that would happen. Well picked on the weather Mike.

      Here is my little video from today,

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        Very quick of the mark with your video Gerald, and a fine production to boot.

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        Another fine video from Toad Hall Productions, thanks Kermit & thank you for the donuts. Definitely worth a vote.

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        Great video Kermit and you captured the demise of the Spitfire really well.

        I seem to start quit a bit in your “Oops” moments this time around  🙂

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          DONT THANK ME ROBBO RON  I  like to spread the love around

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      Voting is now open for 48 hours only.

      I still have two Tech Pod videos to post from today but as they will be late (not till tomorrow) they won’t be included in the voting. I set the GoPro to the wrong format (again) so need to convert the files before I can edit them, I did have a quick peak and they look good.

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      Nice footage and I have voted. I liked Ron’s Tundra going backwards on the pond. Its 35 degrees here in Subic and I just got back from a day sail.

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      The donut worked Kermit, great video.

      Here is the foam putty I used on my Esky Eyas. As you are going to need a lot, you might get a better price when you order it in bulk?


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        Bunnings do lightweight filler called Spackle or spakfilla

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      Flight one from the Tech Pod with a different sunshield on the camera dome


      Flight two

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        Looks better Mike, Could be the “RunCam 9” camera?

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          Its stuttering like frame rate is too slow. I use 60fps for flight footage but I know youtube makes it look worse. Is your SD card fast enough for the camera?

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            There is no stutter when I view the YT footage however I had the GoPro on the wrong setting so the file was not compatible with my editor necessitating a file conversion and that is what may cause the problem you see.

            I’ll get it right eventually but in the meantime I just like flying the “Pod”

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      As mentioned during our BBQ, here is a link to a few different styles of Trombe Walls.

      I’ll bring my beer can one along next fly day for anyone who wants to have a closer look.


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      This weeks Golden Moose Award winner is

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      Congratulations Kermit, great video!

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      I won  I won  YEAAAAAAA   I  WOULD LIKE TO THANK coles supermarket for the doughnuts for with out them  predator would still be the winner  Im sure   Soooooo gentlemen what would you like for the next fly in   CAKE / MORE DOUGHNUTS /  drop a message for your choice  as always there is no catch no bribe……. just food for thought ………..       I WON ..  I WON  NEEE DEAP 


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        Yes, well deserved Kermit, another quality production from Toad Hall, and the donuts no doubt helped.

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        Well done Kermit. A great video.

        Maybe we can start a voting page for cake or more doughnuts or biscuits etc?

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      HALLO ROBO  I can make sure you never appear on opps moments for a small sacrifice on your part  ………….just say’n

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