YOUTUBE VIDEOS A Funny Interesting Strange Unusual Boat ?

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      a very interesting thingi indeed  part submarine part cat  seems to move ok with the junk type sails    excellent video

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      BA Thank you for the drone footage.  This looks to be one of the most unusual vessels on our waterways.  Not sure I would want to be driving it to windward across Bass Strait.

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      Don’t worry Pete, It would be lucky to get across the river.

      When the wind picked up (light sea breeze) it just blew sideways, that’s how he ended up on our side of the bay.

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      I ran into Tom (the owner) a couple of weeks back and he said he’s looking at fitting a engine due to all the troubles he had while parked at Lauderdale.  The BBB will be back in the water for next summer…  If anyone wants to have a look in/around/over this boat it lives not far past my place and Tom is cool with lookers/talkers if you can get a word in as he likes a chat, contact me and I’ll arrange it. Although it’s an unusual boat it’s still an interesting concept..

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      i would love to look through the boat thimgi  if anyone else wants to look too  we can go as a group ay

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