RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A good Sunday morning fly

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      The morning weather was hot but a nice breeze so 8 of us flew until lunchtime but we packed up after our BBQ. No real incidents today. 2 videos from me. First here is of my rebuilt Drifter with a replacement wing:



      And here is my Esky Eagles Eyas including chase footage of Mikes big 3m Fox (which is easy to follow being so big)



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      Yes, certainly was another fine morning for flying @ the Field today.

      Here is my video from the FMS MDM-1 Fox 3 metre glider. The flight was over 30 minutes (mostly gliding) but I’ve edited it down to less than half that.

      I forgot to take the Sony 4K HandiCam today so the only footage I have “around the field” is from my mobile phone.

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      Oh dear Kermit go get some lessons at your flying School you need it…..

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        well hallo bad angel sir   it may seem that what you saw on the video ie plane behaving badly was a stuff up but in fact  it was for a traning video for TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  for students to see a plane doing stuff out of the ordinary  ok

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      Nice stuff girls

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      Nice video Kermit.

      It was good of you to give us a lesson on what could go wrong.

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        No need to thank me young fella  its just something the school needed to do to help the newbees

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      Well it’s that time again this video I really enjoyed

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        Well thank you yet again Mr Moose.

        Much appreciated.

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          Well deserved Pred!

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          No good smoochn up UNCLE G  with four under his belt  an you with zilch your welcome to  join our non GMA exclusive club  no charge ……sorry

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          I won so many last year, I thought I would give you a chance, even down to lending you my battery so I couldn’t take any video.

          Some tips for next time, charge up the camera batteries and don’t film to much sky and be nice to the judge.

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          arhhhh so THATS how you did it   so your sayn just film the stuff not in the air  and lots of video of the mud encrusted woolly fur coat  Thanks again for your generosity in not filming to give me your battery   I dont care what they say about ya  I recon your ace …………..IN ADVANCE  sorry

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      With trembling fingers I pressed the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD BUTTON and with silent words I said …..its mine its mine  Is the moose taking bribes again?  this makes four in a row  not say’n preds video wasnt worthy of the GMA but what does poor ol hoppy AN me have to do to get a leg in AN before Im sent to the sin bin…………….. sorry

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        Kermie my main frog, I thought your video had some great content (especially the Oops bits), but personally I don’t think your editing this week was up to your usual standard.

        Was only saying to the guys @ the field last week how nice & tight your editing had become with no wobbly shots or blue skies with no planes, quick switches between scenes etc but this week I didn’t think it was quite there.  Maybe you thought this week you were a shoe-in (especially as I left my camera at home), but that just meant I had more time to concentrate on the aerial video footage.

        Always next time eh!

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      yep I have to agree  I pulled the first video because I didnt totally check it before I produced it  then when I reloaded it to do again it was without clips so time going out fast I just guessed at sections put in fade an that was it ……………..so you didnt bribe the furcoat   not even a titty weeny bit …………………..sorry

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        Hey maaate, I’m only an Old Age Pensioner, I can’t afford to bribe anyone, except perhaps my dear Wife when I want a new plane !!

        If you run out of time, as often happens with video editing, you just have to wait & finish it the next day, BUT you do need to post on the site that you have been delayed as the Fur Coat has been known to jump the gun on the odd occasion or three and issue the award on what is available.

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          SOOOOO    natural talent ay ………………    wonder where I can buy that AS FOR YOUR PUTT PUTTS just lock the plane /boat room  an get what you want  .works for the bow legged moose   well thats what he told me

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      I have to agree with Pred regarding Kermit’s footage for the oops moments and subtitles.

      It was hilarious!

      The missus and I watched the video and found it very entertaining.

      I don’t think we had ever laughed so much. Well done Kermit.


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