RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A good Wednesday hump day fly

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      I miss my Wed pub lunches to fly on Wednesdays but in todays case itt was worth it as there were good thermals and not many prangs. The wind was there but not too bad and the clouds parted at 11am as I promised. Only one video from me which was my #32 camera on the F16:



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      Yes, you were right about the weather Hoppy & called the parting of the clouds with precision timing.

      Definitely another nice Spring Day for flying in Southern Tas.

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      Another master piece by uncle G

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      Looks like Uncle G was the only one to prang when he wheel Barrow landed his Esky and stoves in the nose gear. A master at hiding that from the camera!

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      ahhh  so the sinker had a prang  boy did he hide that well    UNCLE G  we would not have stirred you or boo hoo’ d you for smashing your putt putt   but to be fair   some would have   but not me I just think a few lessons from TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  would help ….narh………. REALLY HELP  …………………………….just say’n

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        Kermit, I did not hide it, It’s on your video at 6:01 if you look!

        Don’t you know what you are recording?

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          whaaaaaaat that wasnt a prang  just a tap at the most  my apology UNCLE G  I beleaved hoppys  story thinking you had sneaked a crash in at another part of the field ” false  news ”  but in retrospect  you are  the founder of false news   but I  did mess up  sorry

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          Apology accepted thanks Kermy.

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      Where was our president ?   yesterday  I was in the awkward  position of being the “president ” trying to control the shenanigans  of  the flight line gang plus safety officer duties  When our president is on the field  the flight line is perfect     We had a serious crash  with UNCLE G  slamming his aircraft into the groung  almost killing several grass hoppers  this out of control crash would never happen if  our beloved president was  here SUCH IS THE POWER THIS GOD has over the gang   so I ask where was our president  I will also be asking our gracious leader for a loan of his socks next time  Im the leader as they have a spell bounding effect on the mad buggars   THE fur coat /MR MOOSE  also was in the same frame of mind as he also  tried to settle a score with the grass  leaving an indentation  10 mtrs  into our strip that we as a group will be required to  fill in  before the sheep fall in    a working B is set for friday this week  as I have just heard from the farmer that he has lost several sheep (I  didnt tell him were to look for them )  so lets have a full crew  to get the sheep out an fill the trench   OK .

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      A new award has granted by the president and our inaugural winner is a worthy contestant

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      GEEZE  IM HONOURED    at last Im a true leader  in my own right  probably bestowed upon me for leading the flight line gang  or my fund raising for the green tree frog ….. what ever ..  I thank the president  for this award

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      looks like all videos are in and the winner is:

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      OH MY GOD  THE FUR COAT the hoofed wonder  has bestowed the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  to me …. oh my god   I look at the award presentation with a smile because its such a good video very clever   So now heres the thing  I devote a lot of time to the videos  (flying ) and because of that I dont think its fair that I can present a possible better video that others whilst their flying an not filming  so in light of that  I purpose  being left out of the famous award GMA  on that acount   I think thats fair …… thanks MR MOOSE………  let the award roll

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      I don’t believe it Kermit winning two awards in one day for the same event.

      I can assure all my followers that it will never happen again the Golden goose Award  yes I have no more to say on this subject

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