RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 A Light @ the end of the tunnel (Flying after Covid19 Lockdown)

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      Gentlemen, at this stage it looks like groups of up to 10 persons will be permitted to congregate once again (with appropriate social distancing of course) as of Monday 18th May 2020 so with this in mind the first suitable weather day after that could see us back in the air.

      I have today spoken to the land owner and he is still happy for us to fly @ Sandford however due to cropping changes he needs to relocate us for a while to a new paddock close by. Ross has a meeting with the landowner this coming week to pick up the keys for the new access gate and to check out the proposed flying sites (there are around 3 to chose from I believe).

      Access to the site is via a different gate around 100 metres BEFORE our current access but still in Rifle Range Rd.  As it is unlikely that this gate will be visible from where we will be flying we may NOT have the luxury of leaving it closed but unlocked whilst on site.

      If the gate needs to be locked at all times (as I suspect it will) it will be imperative that all flyers arrive on time to gain access AND preferably all leave together as well.

      With the CovidSafe maximum gatherings limited to 10 persons (for at least the next month) access to fly will need to be on a “first in best dressed” basis so keeping an eye on the calendar and promptly responding will be necessary.

      Apart from the odd occasion this should not be an issue as we generally have 5 regulars and only rarely exceed the 10 limit anyway.

      Given that the 18th is only 9 days away (and the weather gods are going to be very very kind to us), if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to sort out all your kit & make sure everything is tip top ready to once again take to the skies.

      Once the date of lockdown lifting to 10 is confirmed &  the weather checked the event will be promptly posted on the Website calendar.

      See you soon.

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      can hardly wait

      It will be great to see and talk to all the gang once again

      Hope my little green lord and master see’s this

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