RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A nice low wind Holiday Monday fly at the field

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      Moose picked a good day and turned up with Kermit, Mike, Gerald, Andrew, Ian and myself. Mitch and his grandson came for grandson’s first lesson for a while. There was very little wind and some weak thermals about for a while but the thermals disappeard once the SE wind kicked in around 12. We had a BBQ and continued flying after. I dont think there were any major prangs or issues. Mike’s red Pitts had its motor mount come loose but my LePetit biplane had a much stronger new motor mount.

      My new 808 #32 camera was good as a recording camera but when I powered it up with my #16 harness for FPV it had huge lag and then the recording seemed to be at double speed. I have reported it and hopefully a firmware update will fix that. Here is my Eagles footage that I had to reduce speed by 50% post processing:



      Here is my V Tail glider which did a lot of thermalling today and a few loops at the end. The front facing cam is my old 808 #16 and the rear facing is the #32. The speed issue seems to be when its externally powered.



      Here is my Lepetit Biplane with the #32 which has a wide angle lens.



      And Lepetit with old #16



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      Video quality looks quite good, hopefully they will sort out the speed/video lag issues.

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      Our little Green Froggy  decided to try a bit of aerobatics in his Eyas Eagle today. The first aerobatic flight was almost accidental but second time around he was definitely putting the Eagle through her paces!!.

      Well done Kermit.

      It was another perfect day for a fly & BBQ with some mates. No better way to start the week off.

      Nice to see Ian back in the air with yet another new Bix 3, must be about #3 or perhaps even #4 but they have all been well flown & well abused but no doubt worth every penny.

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      I think I now know why my Razor landed a bit hard!

      The remains of my Matek F411-WSE flight controller?

      Lucky it happened as I was landing.

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        Rather a bad case of letting the smoke out. Almost impossible to get it all back into the micro containers once its out like that.!!

        Almost looks like moisture (or perhaps some creature) got on the board & flashed over ?

        I have some LN-10 Flux Remover/Cleaning agent if you want to borrow to clean up the board to try and ascertain what caused the failure, it will remove all that carbon like it was never there.

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          Thanks Mike, I also have some of that cleaner, but I managed to get all the smoke back in!

          It’s ready for a test fly.

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      smoke SMOKE YOU FELLAS are having me on  like UNCLE G’s  secret auto leveeing device on his boat  narhh   good try you pack of buggars

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        The magic smoke escaped😀😀😀

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      Uncle G any idea what caused the problem

      Starting to worry

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        Don’t worry Moose, you have a different flight controller to me.

        I still don’t know the cause, have tested all the servos, motor and ESC and all are good, I have fitted a spare flight controller I had and it seems to be working fine now?

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      What a feast of good videos!  You covered the field very well, Kermit….great stuff!  Our new friend in his Le Petit biplane performed excellently; how can he remain impassive during those pretty extreme aerobatics?  Many thanks to all cameramen.

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      My 808 #32 problems have been reported to the developer and should be fixed next firmware update. Looks like I’m the first to want to fpv with it and I will test their firmware

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