RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A nice no wind valentines day massacre fly

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      Moose, Ron, Mike, Ian, Kermit and myself turned up for the best no wind day for 2021 so far. Scottie also turned up for a while. We started 9:30 and kept going after the BBQ till around 2:30 and could have stayed longer as still little wind but battery packs were going flat. Moose maidened his huge eachine Corsair and I maidened my Le PeTit biplane. Here is keychain cam footage on my tigermoth:

      And here is my Eagles (single wing version)


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      Nice one Hoppy Is that the 720 keychain camera

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        Yes. Old 808 #16. There is a new 808 #32 out that I may get as is 1080p and 17grams.

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        Moose do a search for DJI shoulder belt neck strap in ebay.

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          Have done thanks I now have one on order

          Thanks Hoppy

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      My first video is done, several more to go but probably not till tomorrow.

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        Another fine production there Mr Kermit.

        I must have been half asleep this morning as I can’t even remember flying BumbleBee but there it was so I must have as cameras never lie.

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          ARHHHH DEAR OL BUMBLE BEE   YA see some how a previous flight didn’t get totally removed from my SD card  with a lot of other flights on it merging with the last  I cut dear ol MR MOOSE throwing his putt putt thinking it was an old one YOUR TWO WING WAS  extracted  bit by bit from way  out of focus video as was hoppy’s  took for ever but its important for you to see your flights instead of just erasing them    (so sad to see landings an close ups tossed away just to far gone ) just waiting now for new camera……….   just sayin

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        Thanks predator for your vid I have sent the link to by bros for the viewing of the maiden flight  ta

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      Hoppy, your keyring camera has a much narrower FOV than mine but it still looked good, would have been even better if the camera didn’t move.

      The Hawkeye cam looks great no you have the focus fixed.


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      A great days flying was had by all

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        Was Mr Moose there yesterday?

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      was he where

      ooh  yea

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      Second video from yesterday.

      This one onboard the “Li’l Eagle” biplane. Shot with the #16 keyring cam.

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      Well done on getting some crash footage there Mike. Regarding my old lemon tigermoth it will give jello as the 10 year old motor has a bent prop shaft. But I manually tried those offset keychain positions to try and get elevator in frame.


      We are flying again tomorrow with Mitch and BA in charge.

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      First video of the day from the “Prowler” FPV glider

      Second “Prowler” video

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