RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A nice Saturday at the Field

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      After my absence of nearly 4 weeks it was nice to fly again. I flew the orange Skipper and TL2000 from land and water and then the Drifter. Only footage from me is from the Drifter. I chased the Moose and Connor’s glider and flew over Ian’s drone on its way to its water landing.



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      A very nice video and good to see you back with us

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        ya havent lost ya touch hoppy good one

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      Nice one Hoppy.


      Here is my first couple of videos

      The rest will probably not be up till tomorrow as we are heading out shortly.

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      Here is my video from today,

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        as usual top quality predator sir  cant fault it  perfect …………………………just say/n

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      Well done chaps nice videos

      I now understand why the sheep played up just look at the colours our esteemed and dear friend Mr. Kermit was wearing

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        sooooo  MR Moose why did you run over that baby sheep,    from my video you showed and  indicated any remorse what so ever now some mum hasnt got a son   please explain

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      The rest of my videos from Saturday

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        A very enjoyable video Mr. Kermit, If there was such a thing as the GMA you would have won it.

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          well UNCLE G  when I returned home last night I got stuck in an produce that short clip  with what I had unfortunately that was half of what I missed due to my camera wanting a swim which is working by the way but it went back to reset default so need to check up on settings again  (put it in rice bag )  as for winning the GMA  Narh yours was far more entertaining   plus MR MOOSE   that mud encrusted fur coat wouldnt have given it me anyway the (baby sheep killer )

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          Good to hear that the camera survived.

          But what happened to the new nice Kermit we had last week? He wouldn’t have said those sort of things about the Moose!

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          “NEW NICE KERMIT”    yes well the thought of mumma wandering around the paddock looking for the little tacker did upset me a tad  an the worst of me came out  so in light of that I formally apologize to MR MOOSE in reference to his fur coat

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        Yes, well done Mr Frog.

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      I must say a splendid video Mr Linal

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      FURTHER MORE MR MOOSE I WENT OUT AND BROUGHT ANOTHER SHADE PROTECTOR  wider and longer so now you wont have to be out in the sun when not flying In my video I saw your plight and decided my best mate needs more shelter  THATS WHAT MATES DO FOR EACH OTHER ……………………………………..just say’n

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