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      Despite the nay sayers the weather was nice for a fly this Sunday. I only wish I had stuck to a 10am start as it was warm and calm then. Those who went boating instead would have been in the doldrums, including the fullsize boats on the Derwent. We started at 11 and kept going till after 2pm with Gerald turning up at the BBQ. Kermit had many mishaps but not many on video as we were all busy flying, though Gerald then got a couple. Dave had another lesson and is getting hooked. The wind came up after 2pm and it started cooling down. Here is footage from my AXN including an unplannned ground strike at about 3:30 into the video.



      And here is my Eagles chasing Ron’s Zohd Dart.



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      I turned up late, but still managed to get a little video of our “Top Gun Flight School” chief pilot in action.

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      Yes I must admit it was another fun day for flying & I’m glad I never missed it.

      Managed to sort out the iNav system on the BumbleBee. Think I’m getting my head around the new system slowly.

      Next project will be to upgrade my FirStar FPV plane to iNav & get back into a bit of FPV flying again.

      Dave had two long training flights on the Bix II Sport (and the Buddy Box), he flew like a pro !!

      Kermit, our little amphibious buddy supplied some yummy cream cakes to have with the usual BBQ lunch, thanks Kermit.


      BTW: Edit others should now be disabled again.

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             Me think its not to nice next week

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        Well, well, first it was SloMo and now Picture in Picture, where will your editing prowess ever end !!

        Well done Mr Frog.

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          YOUR WORDS are appreciated MR Predator Sir for they consist of wisdom and knowledge derived from years of experience and hands on abilities only earnt through diligence  Its a shame that others cannot  due to their  lack the ability to apprehend the simple use of visual aids… ie camera to extend the ability to learn whilst others just excel …… in no way am I referring to any one from this site that just posted ” Real pilots”

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        Real pilots in real planes sit down when they are flying, so the Moose is doing it right and the Frog is doing it wrong, no wonder you crashed your Esky Eagle!

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          ONCE AGAIN uncle g HAS MISSED THE POINT   THE ART OF  video and instructional  video is the visual aid in learning  in this instance crashes an how they impact the student  how better than to show through the aid of this media  “video ” how this is performed   My students need to appreciate this form of destruction (or not)  and the consequences of  the end result  this is how we as a species evolve    I trust this short tutorial has   resolved your misgivings into why we do things mr UNCLE G

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          Sorry for the misunderstanding Kermit, great video and well done, you sure showed those new students how to crash properly!

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          apology accepted…………………with reservations

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        Nice picture-in-picture Kermit 🙂

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          Still waiting to see your contribution Ron !!

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          I  concur  with predator   waiting  waiting  is it an epic  video shall we all be amazed

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      I THANK THE HONOURABLE  UNCLE G for his  effort in making the next lesson for DAVE ‘s ” learning to fly ” this lesson was to have been a physical hands on exercise to show the down side of a intentional crash  and the resulting  “feelings ” of such an event  AS Dave was in the care of that other CFI  I thought that as my DEAR FRIEND …UNCLE G  had arrived   (after not wanting to fly with us  but preferred to sail  with his mates )  that he would film the next lesson  for TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  (with out payment ) to which as you all have seen was a tremendous success   lesson three will be   “how to fly from a bath tub  ”   A VITAL LESSON FOR those in a flood  or expecting to be in one   We at  TGFS  teach the new flyer  the real way to fly  the KERMIT WAY

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      Well, finally.  Here is my contribution.

      Very difficult to sync different video streams  using VSDC Free Video Software when you don’t know how to. Don’t get me wrong, VSDC is excellent video editing software with many features and it is very powerful.  I think I’ll have to spend a day or two doing some training on it to produce some really nice stuff.

      Thanks to Kermit for letting me “borrow” about 15 seconds of one of his videos on the day which is inserted at the end of this one. Kermit, you can collect royalties for every click the video gets 🙂

      Comments welcome 🙂

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        MR  RON  as expected another first class top notch vid  I think you have that program down pat  I do have a question though  knowing how long it takes to edit a video  how long before so much effort (time ) will become to much to imput into every video you do an you toss the whole thing in  because of it    a possible solution would be a shorter video ( but not yet ) if its not taxing  then full steam ahead …… love the whole theme …. its another avenue to view  for those that wanna do  but cant like persons that write story’……   real pilots                                                 just sayin

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          Thanks for the comments Kermit. I think all I need is some dedicated time to learn how to use the software efficiently rather than “making it up each time” I want do do something.

          They do offer some really good training videos on the site but it’s having enought time to watch them and learn the product. I’m yet to learn how to cut pieces out to shorten the video like you do and add the fancy transitions etc.

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        Nice on Ron, a few seconds out with the sync between video & telemetry but that’s being picky.

        Perhaps if you had the video feed full screen & the telemetry as overlay it would be less noticeable but well done none the less. Only noticed one serious telemetry drop out way over by our old flying humpy so your system works very well.

        You have got me back interested in FPV and I now have a “Raptor” rebuild & upgrade under way with an iNav system this time round.

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          Thank you Mike. Yes, I did notice that loss in telemetry on that run.

          The last flight I did before we packed up would have been the better one to process but my on board SD card was full by that stage. I must go and purchase some bigger ones at lunchtime today.

          The computer screen recorder records at a very low frame rate (compared to the HD video) and I think that is causing a lot of the syncing problems. I’m yet to come up with a solution for that.

          I did like the effect of adding Kermits footage right at the end. It gives it more of a realistic view.
          I think I’ll try some automonous missions next time 🙂  just have to avoid the hills!  It would be good to get the auto landing sorted out as well. We have enough space for it 🙂


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      You got that Eagle repaired very quickly, oh green one, highly commended! BTW…. I have a mysterious box in my living room…..labelled “CFI,  Top Gun Flight School, Attn: Kermit Green”      I”ll bring it when we forgather again.

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        NO NONO  if its what I think it is I respectfully decline   accidents happen and we accept them as ” thats life  ” with out reservations that’s the Australian way  so my dear MR PRESIDENT   thanks but no      Regards kermit

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        The video is private

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        Me thinks the Mr moose has time on his hands  “the video” has  humour ,content is accurate to an extent ,an the punch line is  accurate    nicely done Mr moose  now take your tablets an have your pensioner nap  NIGHTY NIGHT

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