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      I was a late arrival today (due to a prior engagement) but evidently didn’t miss much as the weather today left a lot to be desired.

      Georgie, Dave & Kermit were sailing (65’s & 95’s) when I arrived & I only took Double Trouble for a bit of a test run.

      I may need to install a door in the stern as the opening to access the swim platform/duckboard does tend to ship a lot of water when you reverse at speed into an oncoming wave (as I found out today for the first time).

      Around midday we headed off to the BBQ area only to first be rained upon & then to add insult to injury it hailed as well.

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      I don’t normally suffer from sea sickness, but after watching Mike’s video I’m not so sure?

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        Aw, it wasn’t that rough.

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          its alright pred  he gets sea sick in the bath

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          Perhaps next time it’s blowing a bit I better use the stabilised GoPro Hero 9 rather than the older Hero 4

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          To be honest pred  I dont think a stabiliser will help the sinker  I heard that he cant watch any sort of  navy  or sailing videos  on tv for fear of getting sea sick………………just say’n

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          Yes please!


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      VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED   Wild  violence is displayed in this video  from run overs  to attempted drowings ………………on the down side we were blessed  by a visit from the sinker out lookin for the wheel chair mob ..as he didnt find them he came to the best spot on the canal our end  UNCLE G   showed great interest in our sailing skills  something he said he wished he could do ….but cant .. after a few lessons from one our best SAILOR GIRL  GEORGIE    IT was decided  yep he can’t sail….  dejected he left an the sun came out   ARHHHH  a good day

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        What happened to the nice things you were going to say about me?

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      ARHHHH  I forgot……    So shall I say something nice about you now …..ok….  The sinker  (UNCLE G ) has a very nice car  THATS THE BEST I CAN DO  happy now ………………..just say’n

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      not a sailing thingi …but  I have the go ahead to construct a landing strip next door  if anyone wishes to advise on  angle / length/  have a look see  it would be welcome   we could use it for when the other spot cant be used  like now

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