RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A perfect Fly-Day @ The Field

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      What a perfect way to end the week, flying with your mates in Southern Tas.

      We had 5 pilots today with several maidening new (well recycled) planes courtesy of Kermit’s Bro John & his mate Dougall, thanks guys for your kind donations.

      Kermit was again attempting to maiden his “Big Green” beast, this time on a 5S battery. It flew well but needs a much larger prop as it is way underpowered even at the higher voltage (only drawing 20A & a delivering a bit over 220W). Next time at the field it will fly perfectly.

      He also maidened his 2 channel glider come float plane and although the eventual flight was very short, it took off and landed on water so I guess it counts.

      Stephen maidened his Decathlon (with a few borrowed bits to get it in the air) and she flew flawlessly.

      I had a second attempt with the Super Chipmunk after repairing the undercarriage that failed on Tuesday’s flight, made 2 flights and both went very well today.

      Moose was flying his Razor & his Trainstar, both without issue.

      Uncle G flew his new Cessna Look alike Ranger after making some alterations to the auto pilot tuning, this time he was happy.

      Winds started to pick up (as predicted) around mid day so we adjourned for our usual BBQ lunch (thanks Kermit) before packing up & heading home.

      More Videos to follow.

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      Here is some more from today,

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      Found another short video from Yesterday @ The Field.

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      This weeks flying video goes to a man who needs no introduction:

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      A deserving winner Mr Mike

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      11 OCLOCK NIGHT TIME  just looked at the site Congrats predator  I thought for sure UNCLE G  was going to get it …ohhh he did didnt he  ha ha ha   I CANT WORK OUT MR Moose he tells his best mate he will get the GMA an they will dine at wrest point then does the honest thing an gives it to a real winner  MUST be the tablets he’s on

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