RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A perfect Sunday for flying @ the Field.

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      It’s still very wet under foot @ the field so we were flying from the middle paddock again today on what turned out to be an almost perfect day for the 7 in attendance.

      It was only 2 degrees when the sun finally came up at 7:00 but by the time we arrived @ 10:00 it had at least warmed slightly & by 11:00 it was another beautiful day down in Southern Tas.

      Ian arrived with his improved Trainstar and he flew well, now just needs to master the landing without tip-stalling that the Trainstar’s are notorious for.

      Ian #2 flew his Decathlon for multiple trips & apart from a slight twist in the undercarriage it seemed to survive the day.

      Ricky was back after a long absence & was throwing his Limbo Dancer about like he never had a break, also gave his Multiplex glider a workout.

      Ron maidened his Wing Wing and his newly constructed Beer Carton Spitfire. Both went well.

      Gerald flew his E-sky Eyas & his 1600mm Ranger without incident.

      I had 5 planes to fly today and got flights out of all of them.

      Kermit was spotted around the field on multiple occasions & at the BBQ but he did not do any flying & I didn’t see his camera either (maybe is was an imposter ?)

      We enjoyed a nice BBQ lunch in the sunshine today and then went back for more flying before packing it in for the day around 13:30

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      WELL IM HAPPY SO FAR an if the sinker has a video its gunna have to be perfect for this weeks GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  bring it on widdle fella

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        Don’t worry Kermit, it will be almost as good as yesterday’s video.

        Not long now, just waiting for YouTube to do it’s thing.

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        Oh, Mr Kermit. The “wing wing” thing flew nicely after a bit of tweaking with the COG.

        Thank you.

        Do you know what it called?

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          RoBo RON COBBER I will seek out the info on the putt putt for you if its still known .ok

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          1. It’s a Plank, not a Wing.
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          I’m afraid “Plank Plank” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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      I agree Mr Kermit. Excellent video so far.

      Mike, very close call with the BumbleBee and those power lines!!!

      As discussed around the field today, here is a link to the dental floss control horns that I stumbled across and are now using in the spitfire:



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        ROBO  I have had a yarn with my bro about your putt putt he has no info about it  it came from a fella up launceston thats all he knew about it  sorry

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          All good Kermit. Thank you for enquiring.

          Pred has coined it “Wing Wing” so that’s what it will be 🙂

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          I had a look for vintage flying wings & there are a lot that are similar (but not the same) and most seem to be “Combat Wings” ? I guess “Wing Wing” is a good as anything else in lieu of the real name !!

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          Oooh, I like “Combat Wing”. 😁

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          Is that the name you like or the thought of flying in mortal combat ?

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          little kermie gets every were ay

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          Yeah, he’s a little pest isn’t he.

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      The toothpick hinges are brilliant and nowI expect everyone to have perfectly clean teeth next fly. Good to see Ron with 2 maidens and showing off doing rolls straight from a maiden takeoff. Also good to see Ricky flying. No video from me in Philippines as seems to be a lack of voting interest in boring drone footage here. We just had 5 days of rain with a nearby typhoon but back to hot and not much wind today.

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      It was good of Kermit to sacrifice his flying and camera duties today to help out others, I even saw him giving Mike some tips on the barbecue.

      But he was a bit quite and did not seem his usual self today?

      Anyway here is my video,


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      The Voting Line is open.

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      HOPPYCHOW MIEN  DEAR BOY    Dont be disillusioned by the lack of interest in your drone footage their just a bunch of savages this mob on the other hand I like your videos  In order for this bunch  of misfits to accept your drone videos perhaps a flight along the beach  where the bikini chiky babes reside will get more attention  an votes ……………………..just say’n

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        Yes I liked your drone video as well Chris.

        Found it quite interesting that what looked like an Island resort  was in fact situated in the middle of a densely populated area. It really is amazing how things look so different from a hundred feet up !!

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      WELL THE SINKER HAS HIS video up  an to be fair its ….GOD I HATE THIS PART ….arhhhhhhh  OK…. damn that was hard to write  Our beloved president stared today didnt he  an our own widdle wicky hasnt he grown  an still A SKY GOD  who woulda known that he never started with TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL with kermits cameo rolls today  that could push  whats his name video effort past the goal post for a win…………..  just say’n   …..                time to vote

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      I recon wing wing its unique an its an unique  name for a unique pilot

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        Thank you Kermit. I am honoured. 😎

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      I saw this video on ground effect for airfoils and I wonder if it would work at the canal?


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      The votes for Sunday are in.

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      Congratulations Gerald

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      Well done Gerald.


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      GOD NOW were gunna have to put  up with the sinker: harpin:; crowing until next we fly again … geeze ..comon all those that gave him a vote front up now before we find out who you are an deal wth you . Lets not let this tragedy happen again  SUPPOSE IM GUNNA HAVE TO SAY   well done  whats his name

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      Kermit if you would have taken the trouble to turn up and press record I would possibly have voted for you instead of Bumblebee. I just couldnt bring myself to voting for the duck hunter twice in a row even though it was the best video!

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      Arhhh well  MR  hoppy chow mein  to have turned up as you have said was impossible for the dragon an I had an appointment at the shack with a fella for the first clean of the air conditioner thingi  then a birthday party for the dragons sister   “mini dragon” didnt get home till   8 ish  so I trust that info will satisfy you as to my ” trouble to turn up etc ” story  Have no fear ol choww mein  I shall stir the possums when next we fly

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      Thanks again all,

      But I must admit I did have a little help this time!

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      ur good kid

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