RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 A perfect Thursday Fly Day

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      After my very poor judgement re flying weather last Monday I hoped I would get it right today and luckily I aced it this time.
      It was a slightly chilly start for the morning but no wind (to speak of), no rain & by lunch time it had warmed up enough to remove the jumpers.

      We had Stephen, Gerald, Mike, Ron & Phil in attendance today. Phil was keen to try his plane out with the recently installed stabiliser & he went great, even graduating to hand launching by himself with no issues. Landing was similarly carried out like a pro, well done Phil.

      Ron was testing his rebuild 3D printed Zero after a recent collision with the local goal posts, all went as expected & he was even game enough to try it on a 4S battery.

      Gerald had a programming issue with his big Cub so couldn’t fly it but still got air time with the little 3D printed Cub and his Eyas Eagle.

      I was test flying my rebuilt BumbleBee & the rebuilt AR Wing and both flew flawlessly. I was hoping to get some footage with the new RunCam2-4K but unfortunately I must have knocked the record switch when putting the canopy on the AR wing so all I got was about 20 seconds of ground video from the new camera. Did at least get footage from the Mobius Mini on the BumbleBee and the older RunCam2 on the “Li’l Eagle” so all was not lost.

      Stephen flew his Red Devil, the Sport 40 and his Decathlon, all without incident.

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      Mike. A much better weather pick today.

      I didn’t see Kermit fly today and he was also unusually quiet?

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      ha ha ha to the sinker  GOLLY GEE  nice videos fellas  an it was a perfect day ay was this a no prang day?  or have you edited them out  just seemed a perfect  day  with out incidents  ( not like our mob at all )  kermi was quite active on the field I see the little green buggar sure gets around   good stuff ……………………………………………….just sayn

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        Yes Kermie, a no prang day today, even Phil flew without incident today.

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      I just got home to Subic after a 3 week sail that included lots of snorkeling, drinking and eating but no drone footage as forgot to take it. Glad you had a nice flying day. I’m waiting on a radiomaster boxer so I can fly more here.

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      Excellent videos once again and a great pick on the weather.

      A terrific days flying and no prangs 😊

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        Can’t wait for more flying footage. Three weeks of sailing etc must be perfect 😊

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        Hi all, fantastic day at the field today. With Mike’s stabiliser onboard thers no stopping me now. Thanks to everyone for great assistance and advice. Gerald kindly has offered me some batteries and a charger that are surplus to requirements. Very much appreciated. All the help I have received is great, thanks guys. Looking forward to the next fly in.


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        Excellent videos yet again 👏 I liked Sinkers engine sound for the beer based spitfire!

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        Well yesterday I got hovercraft footage in our local bay. The Marines call it a LCAC or Landing Craft Air Cushion and mother ship is USS Makin Island, a LHD or Landing Helicopter Dock. Has a lot of F35Bs and VTOL Ospreys on it. Keeping video unlisted so dont show to China or Russia, thanks.



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          Gee Hoppy, for a moment, it looked like the hovercraft was going to take you out!!!

          Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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          Definitely not a stealth machine.

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        Struth what a huge machine!😲

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