RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2023 A quiet days sailing @ the Canal 18-02-2023

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      A few boats on the water today however there were a couple of the regulars that were missing, Dave (Moo) was away up north & Dave (Chinaman) was waylayed by his neighbour and only managed to arrive in time for the BBQ lunch.

      After a rather long absence Ross (Bad Angel) graced us with his presence today. Nice to see that the Angel (yacht) is still sailing fine & the Swamp Dawg (camera boat) likewise.

      A couple of videos from me (both in 4K if you select the right playback setting) but the second one may be a couple of hours before its live as 4K is a bit slow to load of an evening & I only just finished editing it.

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      nice one predator  five outa five

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      It wasn’t so quite down our end today, but it was good to have Kermit and Predator come down and sail with us. They looked lost without Dave there to look after them.

      I believe Scotty made a tidy sum today in salvage rights. (Bills in the mail)

      Also in 4k,

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      My sincere apologize to the skipper of that beautiful tanker  yes my boat was in a problem mode    therefore skipper  you can have five free sails up at the sunny end using someone else’s  boat …….don’t thank me its the least I can do for the incident   as for FRUIT LOOPS you can send request for payment ie salvage rights ……for as long as you wish predator will not pay   what a fantastic fishing boat Helen j  very nice …….  isn’t it bad luck to change a boats name MR SINKER  seems to ring true with all the bumps you took today ……………………..just sayn

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        Kermit, I have not changed the name on my boat, it’s always been that!

        And I thought I heard you say that you would pay for Predators salvage as you caused all the problems.

        P.S. Have you checked your emails?

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      Mike, the 360 looked good in 4k, great shots!

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      They did remember me…… phew

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      Now here’s the proof …..the sinker is loosing his hearing  at no time during the fiasco at the wheel chair mobs end of the canal did I say I personally would pay for the wee little pushes from fruit loops putt putt good god man we at the sunny end would never charge for assistance its the decent thing to help another sailor out  (except for fruity  )  WHY NOT FRUITY  any one that drives a RANGE ROVER   must be filthy rich an doesn’t need money    END OF STORY

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      remember you  ha      of Couse  we remember you   Fred

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      Interesting ‘What the Duck’ made an appearance at our sailing Lauderdale Canal, what a naughty duck…. I reckon the duck is a good mate of ‘Kermit” el froggo

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