RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 A quiet little canal sail 23-07-2022

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      There were 5 hardy souls playing Yachts @ the Canal today, Kermit & Predator with their big A Class beasts, Georgie with her DF95 (well her granddads actually), Dave W (granddad) with his DF65 & Stuart with his RG 65 with swing-rig.

      The weather was pleasant, almost warm, but the predicted 10 to 15 knot northerly winds never arrived.

      Later in the morning there was an ever so slight breeze so we managed a couple of races from the pontoon up to the top buoys (where the Marine Modellers hang out) and back. Stuart won both races convincingly with his super lightweight RG65 swing-rig yacht blitzing the heavier A Class boats as well as the DF65 & DF95. It will be a far different story with a bit of decent breeze but in the light conditions the RG reigned supreme.

      I did have a slight handicap in the second race, managed to break the topping lift (the only piece of rigging I didn’t replace) whilst adjusting the jib between races, should have left it alone. Oh well, always next week eh.

      A couple of videos

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      It was a bit more exciting down our end today. As usual Scotty kept us entertained with a variety of boats.

      But unfortunately it looks like we lost a water skier – last seen floating on his back and not moving?

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      YAKNOW  MR SINKER IFN you put the skier in a wheel chair an then on the ski that would represent your group perfectly  ay . able to have fun but restricted by the chair  as usual bootiful boats  handled perfectly by the carer  just wondering ….do you do any thing your an able bodied fella after you’ve set up the old fokes in a row on the beach is that it?…………………..just askin

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        Sorry for the late reply Kermit, but I fell asleep watching your video.

        Lucky you had Stuart there today, at least one boat was moving.

        And yes, after I make sure our lot are set up, I go down to the jetty to make sure the old blokes there are also OK.

        Good to see that you posted your video in 1080 first go this week.

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      Always a pleasure to have the likes of a sailing guru STUART sailing with us but we do however miss our CAPTN PETE  on the jetty who is a wee bit  crook at the moment we do miss our capt’n as does george’y who repeatedly said  “wheres my captn ”  almost in tears when told he was crook  Big Bad Dave was very quite today unusual for him but that was because he heard the sinker was going to come up to the sunny end an we all know what that means  yes recruiting … young fellas   (our mob  ) to push his mob around the beach  so they can build sand castles whilst the carers play with  the ol fokes  boats …………………………….just say’n

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