RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 A quiet little Monday Fly-In

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      With no Bad Angel in attendance today it was a rather quiet little Monday Fly – In for the seven that attended, Moose, Hoppy, Kermit, Uncle G, Ian, Stephen & myself.

      With only very light winds till after midday Ian was keen to once again attempt to get his Big Bird glider airborne. Happy to say that after one thwarted attempt and a few alterations to control surfaces & COG the Big Bird actually flew (and flew quite well) on its second attempt.

      Whilst I for one was not convinced that Ian’s stabiliser setup would work (controlling rudder & elevator only – no ailerons on Big Bird), it did in fact work and rather well.

      Hopefully Kermit (today’s cinematographer) got some good video of Ian flying the Big Bird.

      Uncle G had a flight with his Mini Tundra also before the wind picked up.

      Kermit was still having issues with “Fly Baby” but with a much larger prop next week hopefully all will be well & “Baby” will finally fly again.

      I hoped to fly “BumbleBee” but for some reason the ESC appears to have lost its timing setting once again so will need some more bench testing before taking to the skies again. The Bix 2 Sport & “Lil Eagle” got a workout though.

      Moose had a rather hard landing with his Tundra after what was looking like a good flight so it will be back on the repair bench this week as well.

      Stephen & I were experiencing some radio issues during one flight when we were both airborne together but after re booting the radios (Jumper T16 & Taranis QX7) the problems all went away. Maybe their respective frequency hopping both hopped to channels too close to one another ?

      Hoppy was having a few interference issues with his FPV today but it may just have been that one of his FPV cameras was running very hot.

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      I have now removed the battery from my mini mobius camera for next FPV range testing. Also I just ordered the same Hawkeye goggles as BA and Ron, at $129 from Banggood australia as my fatshark goggles are so old and dont have diversity so doesnt help with range issues. Here is a brief clip of the Eagles including taxying in the long grass. I had 6 planes today. The Drift I ran out of time to fly it. The V Tail glider needed some soldering, not done so was u/s (unserviceable for non pilots). The A10 had a brief flight as shedded a fan blade becoming u/s, I think a different blade from last time. The ASW28 flew Ok but no thermals in the Easterly wind. The VTOL plane flew nice first up but I only had the one battery for it and the charger needed soldering too, now done, so was u/s. All service items now fixed.


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        Hoppy, at least you camera was recording nice & clean even if the FPV feed was playing up.

        I can lend you my mirror optics goggles while you are waiting for yours to arrive as I don’t fly FPV that often.

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      Another good day for me, The Razor flew nicely with a new Inav flight controller fitted. also the Micro Tundra flew well handling the wind with no trouble.

      Here is my video of the day, (with music for BA)

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        Thanks Uncle G, another fine video.

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      GENTLEMEN  I will get straight to it  I deleted my video on the card  somehow   I put a file with the videos  raw  then named it  in that process it went to la la land I thought perhaps it went into a file on the computer but as the card hasn’t got the videos its gone  I stuffed up big time  ……..ITS OK TO give me A HARD TIME   I deserve it  “SORRY” JUST DOESNT CUT IT   instead of the video I could describe what I filmed  it was a great video  I can go into detail for at least 15 minutes  ifin you want

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        Kermit, check in your recycle bin, you may well find it there.

        As long as you haven’t reformatted the SD card any half decent file recovery program should be able to fin d the original on the SD card if there’s nothing in the recycle bin.

        Just sayin !!

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        I did a simular thing a while back went to rename a file before editing but hit the next little button (delete) below the rename button by mistake and awayyyyyyyyyyy she went to cyber space for ever and ever, so now I never rename a file until I have it safely in my editing program.. just say’n

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      THE BIN was empty   recovery program ok i will type something

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      i got a program  an there there but they can stay there  $59  sorry fellas

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        I’ll send you a link to the free one I use.

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      UNCLE G  im gunna start to call you shadow that was my video if I had mine it would have had the same  geeeze boy  you musta been a bees pecka near me  loved the video and the music was again perfect

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      OHHHH TA DOES THAT mean you have in the past what i just did   HE HE HE

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      Looks like another fun fly-day there gang, and I’m pleased you had a quiet day without me, well I had a quiet day without youzzz 2  but I picked up a very nice model yacht to try and turn into a sailing RC yacht if I could post photos I would but I can’t so will bring it along to sailing if it’s on this Saturday… Just say’n.

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      Kermit… You silly boy.

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      I thank the honourable Mr predator for the video return program butttttt  I have the sound but no vid  on the plus side as UNCLE G was my shadow  what you see on his vid is what was on mine plus what he  missed

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      Who missed what.

      I had a horrible thought my computer screen had gone black

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      Thank you Gerald, for a great video with suitable dreamy music, a good record of the OBE Big Bird and very nice for me to study the stabiliser in operation….I think the feedback is about right, as one can just see a gentle oscillation as it corrects.  Good general interest too!

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        Ian, the Big Bird did fly well indeed. Perhaps the aileron (rudder) gain could be reduced slightly and that may stop the oscillation but its really very close to what is needed.

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        Ian, the “Big Bird” was very graceful in the air, easy to follow with the camera. Pity Kermit lost his video???

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          Nah the frog just deleted the out of focus clips and then there was nothing left.

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      GOD DAMN HOPPY I nearly wet myself that was a good one

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