RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 A quiet little Monday Fly-In

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      It was -1 deg when I went out to walk the dog this morning @ 7:30am. Luckily by the time we arrived at the field @ 11:00am the sun was up in a cloudless sky & the temperature had risen to 7 deg on its way to max out at a beautiful 13 deg.

      Only 6 pilots ventured out this morning & Kermit, who originally wasn’t attending, arrived with only his quad-copter & no planes.

      Ron & Neil had 3 planes with Neil on the buddy-box learning to fly Ron’s Tundra. Gerald had the Eyas & the ZOHD Drift & Chris was flying his yellow Cub & his Drifter.

      I had the Fox glider up for an early sightseeing flight & then changed to the Bix 2 Sport for several flights.

      For something different I took the Digital 35mm Canon with the 300mm telephoto lens so hopefully there are some good shots. Too many to post so I’ll probably make up a sideshow.

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      Was a nice day and good to see Kermit leave early to have extra time to make his video. Here is my Esky Eagles being chased by a pesky Bixler:



      And here is my Drifter going through the trees. The 10kt wind made it tricky and Im crabbing through some trees.




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      Another good day at the field, but I must give a special mention to our Kermit who did a great job of filling in as president for the day, also as the presidents minder, chief photographer, cook and entertainment officer.

      He even had time to do some fantastic parachute drops with pigs, frogs and flags. not bad for someone that wasn’t even going to be there!


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        WELL SAID MY MAN  AS PRESIDENT opps sorry as acting president I do what the president would have done for his siblings be it cook movie maker and basically a nice president   that’s why were were elected above the peasants to dominate the lower echelon and to add humor through dropping piggies and frogs from great heights and pretending to enjoy it          (  its just a job but someone got to do it ) I thank the honorable UNCLE G for his  acknowledgement


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      Great day today.

      Edit of the three planes flown today from my hatcam.

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      ONCE AGAIN the camera was out of focus a lot of the time  Time I recon for another camera  I salvaged what you see A lot of the day was uck film   BUT THERE IS ENOUGH FROM THE GANG to keep yas happy

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      SO FAR THE TOP VIDEO FOR THE DAY is HOPPY for his exciting video with the drifter if a video makes you turn duck and breath heavy then that’s a great video an that’s why the drifter flying through trees gets the top spot   As usual if you wish to contest my choice  write to me at  1 Antarctica drive Antarctica

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        Mr Frog, whilst no one would disagree that the onboard footage from Hoppy’s Drifter running a slalom course through the trees on a windy day definitely gets the old heart pumping I take exception to the awarding of the prizes BEFORE all the entries are in. I know I’m a bit slow but you cant rush creativity, it takes its own good time.

        The soon to be published footage of a very patriotic Flag Drop and the the chase sequence between a Bixler & an Eagles is to die for. Just you wait, and wait, and see.

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      BUT WAIT   THERE IS A PROTEST  PREDATOR HAS LODGED A PROTEST  as with standing orders this is not to be taken lightly   so after submitting his video (LATE VIDEO ) the selection board will retire to die-ct the new video PLEASE STAND BY

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      Sorry it’s too late. Cut off time is 24hours after closing of the Gate. I just checked the club rule book. And by the way if ever a video needs a music track it’s that slide show rendition. I think music would have turned it into a winner.

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        I agree Hoppy, a nice Country sound track would set it off nicely, and I need to delete some of the pics (too much duplication). Maybe I’ll do it again once I finish all the other footage.

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          AS THE REPRESENTATIVE  OF THE OFFICIAL FILM VIDEO BOARD  I must congratulate the fine effort of  predators video MORE AROUND THE FIELD  if he had put the film in before the end time  I’m sure the contest for the best video just might have changed hands  but rules are rules   PS …after a long and arduous time resolving the knock off time for a video to be presented  the board has decided to extend the allotted time from 24 hours to 48 hours for video appraisal on request on the forum site if no request is made the original 24 hours remains


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