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      Apart from a very lazy breeze earlier today @ the Canal, sailing was quite pleasant today for the last weekend of Winter down here in Tas.

      There was a fair wind for the yachts most of the time & the day managed to get up to a very pleasant 16 degrees by the lunchtime BBQ.

      Kermit & I had our A Class yachts out while the rest had DF65’s.

      It was nice to see Pete and “Pink Bits” back sailing today after being missing in action for several weeks due to a medical issue.¬† He was all good today & apart from one lapse of concentration that resulted with “Pink Bits” on the hard and needing rescuing by Kermit the rest of the day went off without a hitch.

      We even had a visit from Uncle G & Trout and they both had a turn at sailing “Blak Pekka” while Kermit shot some video of the events unfolding.

      My contribution for today is a bit of SkipperCam from onboard “Kristy-Lee”, my Wizzle Wozzle A Class.



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