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      It was like the old days down @ the Canal today with all these silly fools standing out in the rain to get their weekly sail. We used to do it often but most are not so keen these days.

      ‘Twas supposed to be a very mild 18 degrees today with a chance of rain. Unfortunately the temp struggled to get over 13 this morning and the rain came down all day.

      None the less five hardy souls braved the elements to sail on and off for most of the morning before finishing off at midday with a well deserved BBQ (and it was still raining)

      We had Georgie, sailing granddads DF95, Dave was sailing his DF65, Pete had the infamous DF65 “Pink Bits”, Kermit had his DF65 “Duck Hunter” and I was sailing “Imposter” an almost IOM.

      This is my first video from the new 360 camera (Insta360 One X2) and as it was raining all the time we sailed there were water issues on the camera lens but overall the resulting video is not too bad for a first attempt at 360 degree video capture.

      I also had a problem with the sail-winch on “Imposter”, turns out I have a crook cell in the battery which quickly dropped the voltage below the RMG winch low voltage setting causing it to stop responding, at least the rudder & Rx kept working just fine to allow for the video capture.

      Here is a second (shorter) edit of the above video, this time done with a different final Video Editor.

      Hopefully better luck next time with a new battery AND NO RAIN !!

      Kermit also got some Handicam video but he wont be posting it till later tomorrow night due to other commitments.

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      Well done Mike. A better effort with the 360 than my first attempt at Forcett.

      A shame about the rain drops.

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        Thanks Gerald, still a lot to learn but slowly getting there. Pretty impressed with how it works and the best part is you can completely ignore it when actually sailing, all done in post production.

        I may have another go at editing the footage again tomorrow now I have learned a bit more.

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      Amazing technology Mike. Well done.

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        Another quality production under very trying conditions Mr Kermit.

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        A great video there Kermit, I had to dry out the puddles in my TV after watching it.

        No, I didn’t want to play, I just dropped in to see if there was anyone silly enough to sail in that weather. (And there was)

        The “Marine Modellers” are observably much more sensible than the “Bloaters”

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      incredible scenes   wow

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      What a day ay  cold rain an the Sinker…..  but still it was a great day   As usual the sinker made an appearance as is the norm now a days the boy just wants to play with us  an who can blame him  why would you want to push wheel chairs around in the sand when you can do real stuff with the floaters sailing crew …..who know how to play .  it was a good day

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      Looks a bit bleak. Here is some drone footage of local boats here in Philippines:



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        Nice clear video Chris however the 360 degree pan is very notchy, either needs a higher frame rated or a slower Pan.

        My original Blade 350QX with the old GoPro2 was a bit like that so I used to just adjust the trim slightly & let it rotate very slowly on its own rather than using the sticks. Came out much better.

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      As we now expect  another great video from the master  but ya know  what I was expecting was UNCLE G to turn up  …he does on our videos

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