RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A small turnout on a Sunday for a fly

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      Only Mike, Moose, Ron and myself turned up but it was a great day weather wise with not much wind but cloud cover to stop the thermals and turbulence. Ron maidebed his Tundra and Arctic Cat off the puddle so hopefully some seaplane footage. My Drifter had a short flight as came down trying to fly through the trees but no damage:


      I had fun with my Esky Eyas Eagles chasing Ron and Moose around the paddock:



      And finally here is some footage also from my Le Petit biplane:


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      My three videos from today.

      another fine day @ the Field in good company.

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      As usual nice videos Guys must get myself a camera what do you suggest

      I had a great day and enjoyed the company Thanks

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        Moose, for your first onboard camera you can’t go past a RunCam2, get the orange one as its easier to see than the black one.

        Stay away from the RunCam Split & the Mobius Mini. They are both great cameras but not for your first one.

        The RunCam 2 comes in 4K and 1080P these days (I think) but the 1080P is fine for what we do.

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      Here’s my hat cam videos.


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      Great video’s from all. Looks like I missed a good day.

      Good to see Moose’s Epoch back in the air, but a shame about the Fox.

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        That’s the second time I’ve knocked the tail off the fox (luckily no major damage) but at least this time I can see why.

        May look at a minor mod to the “Dolly Trolley” so that next time I forget & give it up elevator too soon it won’t have anything to catch on.

        Other than that on the second (afternoon) launch, the morning flight was a perfect FPV cruise.

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