RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 A Wednesday Fly-In @ The Field 15th July 2020

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      Whoever picked today for flying could be challenging the Moose for his Weather God status.

      Apart from very little sun the day was near perfect.  The temp only reached 11 deg but with no wind it almost felt warm.

      We had 5 pilots flying today & the Bad Angel (Ross) dropped by with his granddaughter Ella to say hello.

      Chris & I spent most of the time flying FPV along with Ian who first had his Bix 3 FPV and then his Phantom 4.

      Gerald was trying out his black wing (almost launched correctly today) and his ZOHD Dart which I mangled when my Bix 2 & the Dart had a mid air bingle. Luckily damage was confined to the Dart tail plane (nothing a bit of glue wont fix), the Bix 2 suffered no damage & continued to fly all day without further incident.

      I got a nice long FPV flight with the Prowler (video below) and a bit of footage from the Bix 2 as well.

      Kermit had no end of trouble with his Phantom 2 Quad, after having it working perfectly at home it steadfastly refused to arm yet again @ The Field. He did manage several flights with his Sky Surfer & Tundra (video below).

      The customary BBQ lunch was had around 12:30 before it was back to some more flying till mid afternoon.

      If this weather keeps up we will be flying again this Friday.

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      Was a much better day than expected. Here is my Skipper flight around trees. I found a nice small gap at around 4 min mark that I need to try again.



      And here is the Esky Eagles flown line of sight:


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      my effort at last

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      Sorry I could not make it today It looked great weather.

      As usual great videos guys I enjoy watching them I will watch the again tomorrow And maybe pick something to comment on

      Great stuff all

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        Well Mr Mooose  mine is perfect so the other lot you can go for it …..THEY TRY BLESS EM

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          Not quite perfect – where’s the music?

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          UNCLE G     I simply ran out of time to remove the voice track and insert the music  knowing that the critics were waiting for the masterpiece to be viewed    SORRY  about that

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      Am I detecting a coup with BA sending the President up in smoke?

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      HOPPY    That’s so typical of the big bad angel nice to you up front but under the wings  there’s another side getting ready to deliver the blow that takes OUR LEADER from the THRONE and delivers himself to the Leadership the pot is starting to bubble with the first video setting the bait but as 2ic of the field I for one will remain loyal to our leader the pretender will not succeed.    (if your reading this mighty leader I played with the flying  ball today )

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