RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 A Wet Monday Fly-In @ the Field

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      The wind forecast looked fine for the day but we didn’t think about rain ☹

      Three crazy pilots showed up today, Andrew, Seaside Mitch and Gadget. It seems like the smart pilots stayed home.

      We did get to see Andrew maiden his shiny new plane today (Trainstar I think?).  Check out the wobbly phone video as we had no professional videographers.

      I got one flight of the Tundra and decided not to fly the repaired Zero as the red paint seemed to run when it got wet. I think it needs some more drying time.

      Oh, Seaside Mitch forgot his transmitter in the hurry of getting his batteries charged and planes ready so he didn’t fly today.

      I finished up having my own private BBQ with my mate Kermit… I think he was eyeing off how well the sausage was cut… 🙂

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      A bummer about the rain, originally wasn’t going to happen till late afternoon but I saw this morning that it had been changed to late morning instead.

      Oh well, saved me a trip down.

      At least Andrew got his maiden flight in OK.

      I hear than Stephen forgot his transmitter today & couldn’t fly. Better watch out, that old man time is catching up with you !!

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        Yes, Andrew’s plane flew very well. I reckon he is happy with it and we’ll get to see it flying at the field a lot more.

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          I bet BEV let him out BUT  he couldn’t take his transmitter ……….THAT was the deal                  just sayn

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      Always nice when a maiden ends well. Well done Andrew.

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      I loaded the car just before the rain started, it didn’t look too bad so drove down to Lauderdale, but it just got worse.

      So being the sensible person I am, I turned around and came back home and stayed warm and dry.

      I did get a harassing phone call asking where I was. they tried to tell me it wasn’t raining, but I have a good view in that direction from home.

      Well done on the maiden Andrew.


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      Thanks all. Will have to try again on a sunny day with no wind.

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        yes well done young fella  next time ……….the goal posts ay …………………….just sayn

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      Well Kermit you will have to show me that trick again. Ha ha

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        Well dear boy this I can do but to be different  I will do it with your puttt putt  ok 👍   no charge it will be free

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      I would have gone back and begged for permission to take the transmitter along for a fly on the perfectly windless day, but with three people failing to appear with suitable weather gear and the session cut short I decided to save up the brownie points for next time – just saying …🤔🤔🤔

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        You had better start working on those brownie points for this Thursday and bring the transmitter this time!

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      Got a question …. Brownie points what an where are brownie points   cant ask real men soooooo dear sea side  please explain …………………………..just sayn

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