RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A windy Friday fly

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      We all needed some practice in a bit of wind. It was 10 – 20kts but sometimes less than 10. Moose, Mike, Gerald and myself were the only 4 brave enough to go. I am hopefully off overseas on Sunday so its my last fly for a while. Will be sending any drone footage I take from overseas. 2 videos from me today.


      First is from my Drifter including chasing Moose and Mike’s planes:



      And last is my Esky Eagles Eyas:



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      It was another fine day for flying @ the Field today.

      Only a small crew of Moose, Chris, Gerald & myself.

      Chris posted an early start as it was to get windy around midday, and it did.

      No major issues today & from memory apart from one wing-tip that needed re gluing on my Sky Shadow, everyone’s planes went home in the condition they came.

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        NICE VIDEOS  HOPPY  I thought the wings would come ofF with the insane spin  WORTHY OF THE GMA

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      Another un-eventful fun day for me.

      My little video from today,

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        Another quality production today Gerald.

        It will be a toss up between you & Chris as he has some very nice panoramic shots from over the Mobile Phone tower hill. Plenty of colour rather than just dry grass !!.

        But then again, I did notice that the Moose did feature predominantly in your video so that may just get you over the line for the GMA this week.

        I better go and finish my entries.

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          QUALITY PRODUCTION….  HA … It was a blatant attempt to persuade MR MOOSE to go for a half hearted video  the other half was all MR MOOSE     how low can one go …. tusk tusk

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      WHAT A DISCRACEFUL attempt to influence the judge  20 at least shots of the GMA owner with the same shots repeatly  done to persuade the judge to give this shocking poorly produced video an award that is sort after with decent videos from more mature video exponents trying their best without showing MR MOOSE  time after time  I feel sure MR MOOSE has seen through this blatant attempt to get the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  and will award the true winner with the sort after much prized GMA  …….SHAME uncle g  SHAME

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      Well gentlemen and others it gives me much pleasure in presenting this week G.M.A to

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        I’m afraid I must lodge a protest Mr Moose.

        Not saying that Gerald’s video is unworthy of the GMA this week (far from it although Chris’s was pretty good as well) but I think that you as the sole judge & jury should at least wait till all the videos are at least posted before announcing the award for the day..

        It does help to make the competition look legitimate !!

        I will be finished editing shortly now that I have returned from my customary Friday evening meal at the local watering hole.


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          hear hear PREDATOR  not only is he in a hurry to give the award to the least worthy one but he deny’s anyone else to have a go

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      Well the state of tasmania is in shock …………the owner of the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD has CIRCUM to flattery  not just by a bit but by tons of it ………SO for any one with a box brown’y camera he or she will win the GMA if MR MOOSE’S mooch is in just about every frame as has been shown today in this shocking example of  love to death the furcoat by the winner UNCLE G   NO LONGER is cash the way to the  award but now its vanity dear me

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        Kermit, you taught me everything that I know about video editing.

        Have you been naughty, not allowed out today?

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          Naughty UNCLE G  how does this sound  Laying in bed excrushinting pain in my lungs in trying to turn over a small flow of pink blood dribbles from the corner of my mouth into my hand then falling to the floor as I ease my way from the bed …….Not allowed out you say ……. NAY DEAR BOY    That wasn’t the reason

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          Doing housework then?

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          NOPE the dragon an I slept til 10.30  at 11.30 I checked the calender an ohhhh  but by then it was to late  OK  HAPPY NOW

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      The G.M.A is serious business and the judge is far too busy  to wait for entrants while they are out socialising instead of submitting there content

      (Sounds good)

      I suppose I could be persuaded to change my decision

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        here ya go predator  before you finish your winning video  put lots of video of mr moose in should even it up a tad an you HOPPY QUICK AS YOU CAN put the fur coats moosh in your video doesnt matter where  just do it

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        Well then you never know, and I went to all that trouble of putting some lovely Slo Mo shots of your plane in there as well.

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      its not slo mo shots of his putt putt he wants nooooo its his moosh in the video thats the winner ask UNCLE G

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        Yeah, a couple of glimpses of his plane isn’t enough. you should’ve taken him out with you tonight for a meal.

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      YEAH  I will go along with that  just look at the wirely ol coot he needs a good bit of tucka in im

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      I got this comment on my video, could be an idea for the future?

      “Koala Tails”
      5 hours ago
      I can imagine one of your members turning up with a recliner chair on the back of his Ute, and sitting there like Lord Muck while flying his RC planes. He would need a small staircase to ease the burden of climbing down, when retrieving his plane, of course!

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