RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 A windy humpday fly


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      Mike, Moose, Kermit, Uncle G and myself turned up for what was forecast asa light wind morning with wind coming up after midday. Well the wind had already come up by 9am when we all started (except for Mike and Moose who came later). Uncle G mowed the strip. Its now so wide you can land a Jumbo in it. Seems some pilots need the width including me as I landed right on the edge. I put a Hawkeye Split 4k camera on my eagles and set it to 2.7k/60fps. Here is the brief footage.



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      I reckon your lens needs adjusting Chris, focus seems way off both at close range (which is often an issue) and also at long distance (which shouldn’t be an issue. I think Uncle G had to fiddle with the lens in his 4K camera as well to get it right.

      Wind or not it was another great day to be alive & flying in Southern Tas.


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      GENTLEMEN FELLOW FLYERS  THERE WILL BE no video from toadhall productions for this day the  quality of the short video film I did get WAS  atrocious and I wont insult you to watch it ……… so I did one and sent it to bad angel   MY THANKS MUST GO TO MRS MOOSE for her letter  regarding her  husbands late arrival to the field  because of the letter Mr moose was excused from the late arrival fee  also predator  did have an excuse for his lateness and was also excused from payment  our beloved president  failed to arrive  but he has promised a huge amount  to the save the green tree frog  so he’s ok  first time up for the shade awning from the car and it worked a treat not so for my bootiful putt putt  once again that cursed  big black eagle attacked my joy an pride as I was approaching a near perfect approach to landing on UNCLE G s newly  cut strip  when out of the sun  came this monster gripping the little fella and crunching  it apart  as there was no video cameras  operating at the time  just trust me as to the authenticity of what happened


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        Geez Frog, that video you sent me was terrible and why did you put that stupid loud country music on a totally crappy outa focus shakey video in the first place, I really think you’ve lost the plot big time mmmmmm. 😎

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          WELL BA  I didn’t really want to put the crap video together but hoppy said do it uncle g said do it or else Mr moose said  he would fetch MRS moose onto me if I didn’t  an predator said it should have country music   so cobber mate  it really wasn’t me

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            A very poor excuse fancy blaming Lady Moose along with your other co-conspirators  (and for your information Lady M taught me how to make her famous Fruit Cake), Now for your obvious short comings I have now instructed my people to contact your people with your with your exclusive invitation for attendance to the highly awarded ‘BA’s Video Production House of Excellence’ note’ this is a once only exclusive invitation which will expire then self combust within 24 hours after the said expiry date and will take out anyone within an unspecified distance from the said ‘combust area’  just say’n.. 🤣😀🙃🙂🤪🤔🤓😱 here’s some freddo’s just for you🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

            BA has spoken, just say’n



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      The first 2 are videos from onboard the scale MDM-1 Fox glider

      this is around the field today featuring “Kamp Kermit”

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      Well I’m pleased I didn’t front up as it was very windy prior to 0900 say’n

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        You’re not wrong BA, it was a tad windy right from the start but not too bad once you were airborne

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      WELLLL  THE eagle attacked putt putt is repaired  ready to take the fight to the cursed one  Working on the fly baby wheel assembly as the old system nearly always detached on landing  soo I’m following predators advice to spread the load over a greater distance from a base of 2”triangle to a possible 4″x5″ there about’s  After that’s done I should be able to take the whole bottom of the fuselage out on landing ,  just sayin

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      Here is my video from yesterday,

      Sorry it’s so late but I have been in shock after hearing that my video editing mentor, “Kermit” won’t be sharing his video because it was crap?


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      WELLLLL THE reason that the take off went so badly was because…… if you listen hard enough you will hear the undeniable screech of the big bad eagle  which I must admit  did intimidate me to the extent of  flipping the fun cub ………FIRST  thoughts were that the dragon had turned up but then on looking around an she wasn’t there  that left the only other scary thing  big bad eagle   trust me fellas that’s the truth

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