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      We had a good turn out for the scale boats today, but it was too windy for most.

      But we were lucky as we had Scotty providing today’s entertainment.

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      WE AT THE SUNNY END OF THE CANAL  had heaps and heaps of sailors wanting to play  but as the pontoon can only support a few  we restricted the number to 20  for safety reasons but still we had far more than the wheel chair mob as usual  ho hum   Brisk breeze was the order of the day  just the way we like it so the lads ripped in to it so much so that the wind gave up  and went down to the wheel chair mob and made them go home . At 11.30 When big bad Dave’s hair piece was ripped off in 90 plus winds  only then did we retire  AN THAT WAS OUR DAY   all true  ……………….

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        Nice sailing conditions , good to see that you had a REAL yacht sailing with you today.

        We might need to speak to the council about putting in a larger pontoon to handle the large crowds you are getting on Saturdays?

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        Another quality Toadhall production there Mr Frog. Nice high tide for a change as well.

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          NARH PRED THE FLAMIN CAMERA IS STILL playin up seemed to get a tad better 3/4 the way in but buggar  One day I shall get the suckera fixed  WE had a nice fella turn up with that boootiful  wooden boat it was its maiden voyage  I think he may belong to the wheelchair mob but wanted to sail with real sailors for the boats first wetting

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      Yep it did turn out to be a bit windy!! We were using A+ rigs which proved to be a bit too powerful. Georgie’s choice of a B rig on her 95 was much wiser.

      Thank you for recording that none of the sailors went aground this week!! Although some of us went very close.

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      YOUR VERY WELLCOME CAP’T PETE who nearly ran aground on Rons reef heaps of times but  you wont hear me saying that    oppps

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