RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Another Biplane for the hanger


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      As luck would have it I managed to pick up a new unbuilt Durafly Hyperbipe biplane from RC Trader the other day, so another bipe gets added to the collection.

      They were sold by HK about 5 years back and a guy in NSW had purchased one but never built it.

      Anyway it duly turned up (undamaged) and has now, in between working on the Archer 650, it been assembled & set up ready for when we can access our flying field again after all this rain finally goes away. It uses an 800 to 1300mAh 3S battery and I’ve managed to find one in my collection here but if anyone has and spare 3S LiPo’s in the range of 800 to 1300 mAh I wouldn’t mind obtaining a couple more.

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      I bought a couple of these the other day for my new plane,


      Only one left!

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        Thanks Gerald, I bought the last one, and what NEW plane are you hiding away ?


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      Oh what a collection of goodies you must have by now , Mike!    I have tried to learn something that doesnt neeed much space….the Velocidrone simulator!   Very much the newby so far….

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        Yes Ian, I have disposed of a few but have 18 at the moment & just purchased the 19th (always a sucker for a new toy).

        The latest is an Infinity V22 Osprey so that will be something decidedly different at the field when we get back to flying.

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